How to install Debian?

November 4, 2014
How to install Debian?

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How to install Debian?

Linux operating system Debian has always been very difficult for the average personal computer user. However, it has always had undeniable advantages over Windows. First of all, it is an absolute protection against hackers and viruses, and the second is a flexible customization. Unfortunately, to get these benefits, you need to be able to configure the system. But first of all it is necessary to install Debian on a computer, which is not obtained by many.

Let's take a closer look at how to install Debian.

How to install a Debian operating system

First you need an installer disk image to install from it on your computer. You can also use any other media that allows you to burn the image.

Installing from disk is the easiest method of all. You only need to buy a disk or burn an image on it and run it from BIOS. Then follow the instructions and install Debian easily.

Installation using a program download from a website or using a flash drive is much more difficult to install from a disk.Moreover, it is less understandable for a user who did not deal with it.

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