How to hold back tears?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
August 18, 2014
How to hold back tears?

There are situations when you can never allow yourself to cry. But holding back tears is sometimes very, very difficult. There are several ways to help save face and give free rein to feelings elsewhere and at another time.

Five ways not to cry

Deep breathing

The first method is the easiest - deep breathing. Often this is enough to relieve tension. You need to take up to 15 deep breaths, while concentrating on the process itself.

Emotions under control

The reason for the appearance of tears are always strong emotions that are difficult to control. Since far from everyone is able to manage them, you can try to distract yourself by switching from spiritual experiences to physical ones. Naturally, you do not need to injure yourself, just a light bite or a pinch is enough. For a moment you will feel pain. These seconds are enough to pull themselves together.

Drink liquid

Probably, you had to observe how a person in strong excitement offered a glass of water. This method really helps to calm down.To hold back tears after an unpleasant conversation or in the process of it, you need to drink half a glass of ordinary water in small sips. If circumstances permit, then it is not bad to wash your face with cool water or at least wipe your face with a damp cloth.

Switch attention

If tears are already ready to splash out of the eyes, then a quick attention shift can slow down this process. We need to start recalling any extraneous information: your passport data, the poem you learned in school, the amount of bills last month, etc.

Do not let yourself be hurt

In the case when your interlocutor, for example, your boss brought you to tears, then in order not to cry in her office, mentally redirect your emotions to her. You can just get angry, but it's better to find what to regret: her nerves are not in order, and the haircut has failed, and the climax is just around the corner. In a word, there is something suitable in each specific situation.

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