How to hack the game for money?

For many people, computer games are a hobby that takes a lot of time, since it is necessary to reach a certain level in the process of passing the game, and for this, in most cases, you need to complete a number of tasks for money.

More impatient users are looking for ways to hack the game for money in order to pass it. This can be done using several methods: if there is a root-administrator of rights and in their absence, using special programs that change any parameters in the game (money, time, data on the number of lives, cartridges, resources, weapons, cars, etc. .).

Hacking games for Android

You can hack android games for money using the following programs: Game Killer, GameCIH and Game Guardian. The principle of operation of these programs is similar to each other and requires root-rights:

  1. Installing one of these programs on your smartphone or tablet, open it, and then minimize.
  2. Open the game for hacking.
  3. Now click on the program icon and use the search to change the required indicators.


To hack the game without root-rights, you need to install Artmoney on your computer. This program can be used both on a smartphone and on a tablet with an Android operating system, by connecting to a computer. This program is universal. The principle of its operation is to scan the memory of a game in order to find the necessary values ​​of parameters, and special methods allow hacking even those games that do not have visible numerical values ​​or use data encoding. Another advantage of this program is its complete Russification. Thus, with the help of Artmoney, find the necessary files and edit them. However, this utility is not suitable for online games, because the variable with the value of money, health, etc. stored on the server, which includes all the information about the game and has enhanced data protection. For more information on how to use this program to hack games, read the article How to hack a game through Artmoney.

In addition to Artmoney, you can also use other programs:

  • LSDcracker;
  • Makemon;
  • Omatic.

Hacking online browser games

For hacking browser online games, you can use the program: Morfex, Tamper Data, Cheat Engine.Morfex provides the following features: change the amount of currency in the game; increase the parameters of your character, for example, strength, endurance, etc .; reducing the amount of life of the enemy. Tamper Data is a small extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser. It allows you to track, intercept and replace data packets, without which it is impossible to hack games in the browser. Cheat Engine has gained popularity among users due to its ease of use and applicability to most games for hacking into any kind of resources in it.

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