How to grow long hair?

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How to grow long hair?

Beautiful, long, shiny and well-groomed hair attract the attention of others and cause delight. That is why many women want to acquire just such a hair. Make it quite possible, for this you need to do a comprehensive hair care.

What determines the speed of hair growth?

The speed of the hair depends on a number of factors that cannot be ignored:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • stress (it accelerates the death of hair);
  • physical activity;
  • hormones;
  • taking medications;
  • scalp condition;
  • hair care methods;
  • providing protection curls.

If a person's hair is healthy, then their brilliant appearance persists for several days. In a month they grow by 1-1.5 cm. In this case, up to 100 hairs per day is considered the norm. And if you additionally use special medication and folk remedies, it will be possible to achieve growth of curls by 2-2.5 cm per month.

Correct food

If you set your goal to grow long hair, then you need to balance your diet. First of all, it is necessary to abandon fast foods, then reduce the consumption of smoked, fatty, spicy and fried foods, as well as carbonated drinks and confectionery. Include in your diet as much as possible vegetables and fruits. Make them salads and soups. Dairy products will also provide active hair growth, as they are rich in nutrients. Drink kefir, milk, eat yogurt and cottage cheese more often.

You can also drink several times a year mineral and vitamin complexes designed to improve the health and growth of hair. In addition, it is useful to take brewer's yeast - they will eliminate hair loss and their fragility, increase shine and accelerate growth.

Effect on hair growth: negative factors

To grow long hair, many women are hampered by some negative factors. For example, split ends, excessive fat or dry curls, and so on. It is important to neutralize these negative factors, otherwise you will not be able to grow beautiful and long hair. Use the following guidelines:

  • "Hot scissors".If you have split ends, they should be cut and “sealed” as soon as possible. Ask your hairdresser to cut with hot scissors, maybe this will help.
  • Natural drying. To prevent hair cross-section, as well as reduce hair loss, dryness or excessive fat, it is necessary to abandon the use of irons, hair dryer and curling irons. Provide natural hair drying. If you still need to use such devices to create hairstyles, be sure to apply protective compositions on your hair.
  • Henna and Basma. If you are used to dye your hair, then replace the chemicals with henna and basma. Henna will not only give your curls a beautiful color, but also heal them further.
  • Proper combing. Remember that wet hair can not be combed, as you damage them and provoke excessive loss. Therefore, use a massage (it is better to refuse a brush) to clean up dried hair.

Also negative factors include an insufficient amount of rest and sleep, bad mood and nervous exhaustion. Therefore, try to stay in good spirits, follow the daily routine and avoid depression.

Effect on hair growth: positive factors

To grow long hair quickly, you need to follow a number of useful recommendations.

  • Visit the hairdresser every 3 months. He should make you cut along a healthy length. Haircut allows you to refresh the tips and activates hair growth.Hair
  • Brush your hair before each shampooing. It is also useful to make a head massage, it will be described in more detail below.
  • Use warm water to wash curls and shampoo that suits your hair type. Then apply an air conditioner on them that will repair the damage.
  • After shampooing, gently squeeze the hair, and then rinse it with a decoction of lemon balm, burdock root, nettle, chamomile, dandelion and aloe juice. It is not necessary to wash it off, you only need to wrap the hair with a towel, and after 5-10 minutes remove it and allow the head to dry naturally.

Head massage

Head massage improves blood circulation, so hair grows much faster.HairIt should be done as often as possible. During the massage, you can use castor oil or burdock oil. Apply it on your fingertips, and then start massaging your scalp with pads.Perform smooth circular movements, you can also produce light skin slackening. You can also do a massage with styling brushing. The mechanical effect it has on the scalp will be very pleasant and useful.

Homemade masks

Home masks will help you to grow long hair quickly. They are highly effective and have a positive effect on the health of hair. They should be done 2-3 times a week regularly.

Mask of onions

Take the onion, peel it and grate it. Rub in the hair, wrap them in plastic and a towel, and then leave for 40 minutes. Then rinse the curls thoroughly.

Cognac mask

In a bowl, pour 10 ml of castrese oil and 20 ml of brandy. Then add to theseHairIngredients egg yolk and mix everything thoroughly. Rub the mixture into the roots and distribute through the hair. Hold the mask for 1 hour.

Yeast Mask

In a bowl, mix 6 crushed beer yeast tablets, add 1 tbsp to them. spoon of vodka, 20 ml of burdock oil, 10 ml of aloe juice and 10 drops of vitamins A and E. rub the resulting mass into the roots and leave for 50 minutes.

Kefir mask

The kefir mask has an excellent effect. It not only accelerates hair growth, but also makes them shiny. You will need to take half a cup of such a fermented milk product, rub it into the scalp and apply on curls. Hold the mask for 20 minutes and then wash it off.

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