How to get to Tula?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
January 13, 2015
How to get to Tula?

Tula is a glorious city, which is known for all its main attractions - Tula gingerbread, samovar and excellent weapons. But the interesting places in Tula do not end there, and there are many more worthy places to visit - architectural structures (museums, the Tula Kremlin) and much more.

The distance from Moscow to Tula is 183 km. If you travel by car, it will take about 2.5 hours to drive.

Shuttle taxi or bus

From Moscow to Tula travels taxi. There are minibuses that depart from metro stations. To do this, you just need to clarify the flights in Moscow, the cost and place of sending the shuttle, because more than one company is engaged in this. Travel time is about 3 hours.


On the way, you will spend about three hours. This type of transport from Moscow to Tula is also not limited to the only option:

  • we reach the station "Paveletskaya" and the train station will wait for a bus to Tula, flights need to be clarified;
  • from the Lyublino metro station, travel time - 2.5 hours;
  • from the Krasnogvardeyskaya metro station, the bus departs from the bus station;
  • from the metro station "Komsomolskaya";
  • from the metro station "Domodedovskaya".

Train or train

This is the most popular way to travel among the population of Russia for short distances. If you want to travel at the end of the work week before the weekend, it is best to book in advance. If on other days - tickets can be purchased freely 15 minutes before the departure of the train. It will cost about 300-350 rubles. The time you spend on the road varies from 2 to 4 hours, depending on which station the train is going from, as well as the type of train itself (or half-express). Half-express, of course, goes faster and makes fewer stops on its way. By the way, electric trains run daily.

You can also use the long-distance train. For example, train No. 7049M will take you to Tula for 370 rubles (seat).

Personal car

If you decide to travel by car, you have some advantages, because in this case it is possible to get to your destination faster, make stops where necessary, and you can pay attention to the sights. The location map is simple.First you need to go on the Warsaw highway, which then goes into the M2 highway. Driving on the M2 highway, 30 kilometers before Tula, you need to get off the highway. Just be careful and do not miss the sign of the congress.

There is another option. You need to go to the highway Crimea and go straight on it. This is a simpler option, but many people use it, so there is a chance of traffic jams that can stretch the time of your trip.

Now you know how to get to Tula.

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