How to get to Noginsk?

Ksenia Vilinskaya
Ksenia Vilinskaya
December 19, 2014
How to get to Noginsk?

Noginsk is a city in Russia, located near Moscow. If you need to get to Noginsk from Moscow, how to do it? There are several ways that we will now discuss.

Method one: on the train

This transport is used by many residents of Noginsk, who work in Moscow and, accordingly, visit this city constantly, returning home every day. The train runs regularly, at intervals of half an hour. The first is at 4:44, and the last is at 23:01. Schedule can be found online - for example, on. The advantage of electric trains over other vehicles is the absence of traffic jams. You will arrive at your destination exactly after the specified time, namely 1 hour 35 minutes. The final station is Zakharovo or Noginsk. A ticket will cost 140 rubles, you can get a ticket if you travel regularly.

Method two: by bus

The bus to Noginsk follows on flights 322, 382 and 394 from the Partizanskaya metro station, as well as 320, 360 from the Schelkovskaya station. Flight 322 provides preferential fare, so there is usually a lot of people on it. However, they often complain about the delay of this flight.But commercial buses more accurately follow the schedule.

Method three: by car

This is the easiest way in the presence of personal transport. Although there is a minus here, and significant for many - it is traffic jams. They can significantly delay you. If it goes without them, the travel time will be about 30-40 minutes, if you follow the Gorky Highway through Old Kupavna. The direction is to the east. The distance between cities is 40 km. You can also hire a private driver from the train station or order a taxi, but they can take the fare at an exorbitant price.

If it is important for you to get from Moscow to Noginsk as quickly as possible, then it is better to choose an electric train - it will not let you down by sudden delays in many hours of traffic jams.

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