How to get to Domodedovo?

Moscow is one of the largest cities not only in Russia, but also in the world. Many tourists and tourists come here. And Domodedovo is one of the most popular airports in Moscow. There are several ways to get to Domodedovo.


It's no secret that traffic in Moscow is very busy. If you choose ground transportation, there is a big risk of getting stuck in traffic and being late for your flight. Therefore, it is best to use the metro. Although, unfortunately, directly to the airport the metro does not deliver you.

First you need to get to the Domodedovskaya metro station. To do this, get to the ring line of the Moscow metro, transfer to the Paveletskaya station and get to the Domodedovo station. Station "Domodedovo" is located on the Zamoskvoretskaya line.


From the Domodedovskaya metro station there are several types of transport. Minibuses stop right near the exit of the last subway car in the direction from the center. Following the underpass, you need to turn right and climb the stairs, which is located on the right hand.

Moving by minibus will take you about half an hour. From six in the morning until midnight, fixed-route taxis run regularly, at intervals of 15 minutes. From midnight to six in the morning - every 40 minutes. Travel by taxi will be 120 rubles. Baggage transportation is not paid if it does not require another passenger seat. If you come out and cannot find a minibus, ask passers-by how to get to Domodedovo Airport, and they will tell you to stop.

You can also use the regular bus number 405. It stops in the same place as the minibus, the fare is 100 rubles, and children under seven have the opportunity to travel for free. Only buses go from six in the morning until midnight, with a frequency of 15 minutes.


If you arrived at Domodedovo, you don’t know how to get to the subway, then there is a special Aeroexpress service that runs along the route Domodedovo Airport - Paveletsky Railway Station and back. This express runs at intervals of 30 minutes, goes non-stop and the road is about 40 minutes. Aeroexpress schedule is from six in the morning until midnight.

An adult ticket costs 329 rubles; for children of five to seven years, the cost is 110 rubles.Young children accompanied by parents do not pay the fare. For those who often use Aeroexpress or families travel there are special rates, the total amount of the discount is 10% maximum. You can learn more about this when you buy an Aeroexpress ticket. This can be done at the mobile cashiers near the baggage claim area or at the bus station, in its right wing, right near the exit to the railway platform. If you are traveling to Domodedovo Airport from Paveletsky railway station, you can buy tickets on the first floor in the passenger terminal (entrance No. 3). But before you buy a ticket, you should clarify some details. Many airlines allow you to book a ticket in advance, and sometimes the fare is included in the air ticket or has already been paid by the company.

Electric train

An electric train also runs between Paveletsky Railway Station and Domodedovo Airport. The journey takes about an hour and a half, as the train travels with all scheduled stops. From Paveletsky railway station, the electric train leaves at 04:53, 06:25, 07:35, 08:47, 10:45 (only on weekends), 13:46, 16:53 (on weekdays), 18:20, 19:23 (weekdays), 20:40, 21:48, 23:11. In the opposite direction, from the airport to the Paveletsky railway station the train goes at 06:20, 07:10, 08:08, 09:08, 10:18, 12:15 (on weekends), 15:39, 18:19 ( weekdays), 20:18.

Taxi and private transport

Moscow, Domodedovo - the easiest way to get there? Of course. by taxi or private transport. Here you do not need to puzzle and pick up several types of transport, just call the car that will take you to the airport itself.
Especially for passengers with cars near the airport there is a huge network of parking spaces. You can also rent a car at the airport if you just flew in. But it should be remembered that in Moscow there are very often traffic jams.

Successful flight!

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