How to get rid of wood lice?

Ivan Prokopchik
Ivan Prokopchik
July 18, 2012
How to get rid of wood lice?

It is harmless to insects, but it definitely causes hostility and makes you feel uncomfortable. Watching wood lice move on the floor and walls is extremely unpleasant. We will give you some tips on how to get rid of woodlice at home.

Lice in the apartment, how to get rid

So, if you see a large number of wood lice in your apartment, you should not wait. It is necessary to start fighting them. Boric acid will be needed for this, it is available in the form of powders and solutions. It is necessary to sprinkle with boric acid powder or sprinkle with a solution those places where there is the greatest accumulation of wood lice. Boric acid is perfectly safe for humans and pets, but it has a deadly effect on many insects.

You can also dissolve a few grams of tobacco, red pepper and soda ash in one liter of water. Using a spray dispenser, spray the solution in the places where the woodlice are observed. After 8-9 hours, wash everything thoroughly with water and bleach.

Another option is to dissolve 100 grams of alum in half a liter of water and mix. Next, spray the solution at the site of insect accumulation.

Insecticide formulations, such as Mole and Gett, can be purchased to fight against woodlice. It is necessary to apply the composition to the place where woodlice appear, and leave to dry for two days. After five days, repeat this procedure again. Do not forget about safety; use gloves and a respirator. If your home has children and pets, then use this tool is undesirable.

Lick in the bathroom, how to get rid

As a rule, the bathroom humidity is more than in other places, and this contributes to the appearance of wood lice. The main thing is to remove the moisture, then the insects will disappear. To start the room must be dried. You need to make sure that the pipes do not flow and there are no other reasons for the appearance of liquid. In order to circulate the air in the bathroom, it is recommended to install an air conditioner or a fan.

Also, to get rid of wood lice in the bathroom, you can resort to the chemical method. It is necessary to put quicklime into the container, fill it with water and promptly leave the room.Doors should be carefully closed and not to enter the bathroom for three days.

Also, the methods that we have indicated for the fight against woodlice in the apartment are also suitable for the bathroom.

There are many different ways to get rid of wood lice, but if nothing helps and the wood lice continue to be hosted in your apartment and bathroom, you should dial the number of the disinfection service and call a specialist to the house who will do everything so that the wood lice never bother you .

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