How to get gray?

Elena Minkina
Elena Minkina
July 12, 2012
How to get gray?

It would seem that it may be easier than to take and simply mix a few colors, resulting in a completely new colors and shades. And how to get gray? Consider this in more detail.

Gray color can be described as dark white. Therefore, to get gray, it is often enough to dilute black paint with water or add white paint to it, until the required shade of gray is achieved. But much more interesting is the gray tones obtained by mixing paints of different colors.

How to get gray by mixing several colors

The easiest way to get gray is to mix the colors of violet and yellow. You can also achieve the desired result by mixing green and red colors. Interesting shades of gray are obtained by mixing three colors at once: red, blue and yellow. The ratio of colors to obtain gray is selected experimentally.

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