How to fuck a neighbor

Yana Merichenko
Yana Merichenko
September 18, 2014
How to fuck a neighbor

At the entrance or the next apartment there appeared a pretty neighbor who causes sexual desire. It is quite natural for a single man. So, do not waste time in vain - it's time to get to know her.

How to meet a neighbor

The first and most important stage before fucking a neighbor is acquaintance. Some ways:

  • The most common way. Go visit for food, for example, for salt. Introduce yourself and find out the name of a charming girl.
  • If the girl just recently entered the house, you can come to visit and congratulate the neighbor with a housewarming. Do not forget about cute gifts, for example, to give a bottle of wine and chocolate.
  • If the house has an elevator, you can use the acquaintance in the elevator, talking to an attractive girl and calling her as a neighbor for a visit.
  • If the neighbor is not available and does not want to get acquainted in any way, then you can give her gifts and flowers with a note from someone.

In any case, do not forget about the compliments, be gallant and polite to the girl.

Some tips on how to fuck a neighbor

After the acquaintance with the girl has successfully taken place, you can proceed to the next mission, namely, to have sex with a neighbor. After all, after what happened with her, you still have to see and maintain relationships.

The simplest case is when the girl herself wants sex and sympathizes with the man. Then you should show determination to come to visit her or invite her to yourself. You can also tell her about your desire and attitude towards her.

In other cases, you need to liberate the girl and show her your trust. To do this, you can ask her for advice, share a secret with her and ask her not to tell anyone. The request that she follow the house during your absence also works well. Then the relationship will be more than just a neighbor.

In addition, a great way is to invite a girl to a party or celebration. Under the influence of alcohol, some girls relax and it will be enough for a man to use his charm.

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