How to find the phone off?

In life there are different situations and no one is insured against losing the phone. Of course, today it’s not a problem to buy a new one - good, this technique is represented by a fairly wide range of different models, as they say, for every taste and color. Yes, and the family budget is not too hit, because for the first time you can take an inexpensive new or used phone. However, the main value of any phone for its owner is not only how much it costs or what it looks like, but what information it contains. And this phone numbers, and messages, and any personal notes and stuff. Therefore, before going to the store for a new one, try to find a lost phone. As you know, the demand is not hit in the nose, and what if you succeed?

If the phone is turned on, it can be found quite simply (especially if you’ve lost it recently and know, at least approximately, where you need to look), but if it is turned off, it will be more difficult. So let's see what can be done, and how to find the phone off.

What you need to find a phone

To find the phone off, you need to "arm":

  • documents and phone instructions;
  • long wooden slat;
  • a metal detector that reacts to non-ferrous metals;
  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

To find a phone, there are several ways. First you need to remember where the last time you saw it or used it. The less people are in the place of loss, the more chances there are for you to find your phone. However, even if you lost your gadget in a crowded place, you should not get upset right away - the world is not without good people, so it is possible that you can get it back.

Next, you need to carefully examine the area where, in your opinion, there was a loss of the phone. You can use a metal detector if searches are conducted, for example, in the dark. To check the hard-to-reach places you need the longest wooden lath that you should have taken with you to search. It must be wooden so as not to damage the phone.

In addition, some agencies provide special search services. Also, if all of the above methods have failed, you can contact the lost and found office.This method is suitable for cases when the phone was lost in a public place or in transport. If no one reports the discovery, then further searches can be handed over to the police.

In order to start a case on the loss of your phone, you must write a statement to the police station where you live and indicate in it where and at what time (at least approximately) you lost it. In addition, the application must contain the base code of the phone, which can be found in the instructions for it. Thanks to the signal fixing system from a switched off device, the police will be able to quickly find the location of your device, even if the battery is completely discharged. This is possible due to the fact that the phone always has a reserve charge.

How to find a switched off phone at home

If you used a mobile phone at home, after which it disappeared, then it's time to do general cleaning. You should check the most hard-to-reach places most carefully, as it may be in the most unpredictable place for incoming calls due to vibration. If you have pets, then with their help, the phone can also go anywhere.A long wooden rake will help you to reach hard-to-reach places again.

Also, an alarm clock or a reminder set on the phone can simplify the search. In this case, you need to remember at what time, at least approximately, a signal is set, and patiently wait for the “X” hour.

Thus, as we see, the question: whether it is possible to find a switched off phone can be answered in the affirmative. The main thing - in time to detect the loss and not lose hope!

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