How to find out what a person has?

In some cases, it becomes necessary to find out which property belongs to a particular person or who is the owner of a particular property. Fortunately, there are legal methods to find out what a person has. With the nuances of the relevant request can be found in this article.


Data on the property of a person are recorded in the USRR (Unified State Register of Rights). Information on how and in what order to obtain information from it about a person’s property is contained in the 7th and 8th articles of the Federal Law of July 21, 1997 N 122-ФЗ.

Most of the information contained in the USRR is available to everyone. Restrict access to some of them can federal law. Any person can form a request and send it to the USRR in electronic or printed form. To do this, you must visit the authority responsible for state registration of rights. You can find the specific address of the corresponding service on the official website of the Rosreestr. The cost of the request is also spelled out in documents and ranges from 200 to 1,500 rubles for individuals.The list of tariffs is contained in the order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia dated December 16, 2010 No. 650.

Getting information on passport data

If you only know the address of the property, the owner of which is probably a person, in this case the issue is not so simple. Indeed, according to the law on registration, the right to receive information about a person’s property using his passport data is:

  • the owner or authorized person who has the relevant documents;
  • persons, including legal, who have power of attorney from the owner or legal representative;
  • borrowers - provided that the property you are interested in is collateralized;
  • heads and deputies of various bodies approved by law;
  • courts, judicial officers, for which the definition of the owner of the property is associated with professional activities, the prosecution authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • officials whose circle is determined by the President of the Russian Federation, if these data are necessary to prevent corruption;
  • some representatives of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation;
  • Director General of the Federal Housing Development Foundation and his deputies, if necessary, find out who owns the real estate, next to or where the construction is planned;
  • the notary who is in charge of the inheritance;
  • in bankruptcy - the arbitration manager, if the property belongs to the debtor;
  • in the provision of an interdepartmental request, the heads and their offices of the multipurpose centers, if the goal is to provide state or municipal services;
  • heirs of property (according to the will or the law).

If the request is submitted in writing by mail, then in order to verify the authenticity of the signature and copies of the document, it is necessary to certify them to the notary. Also for sending the request, you can use e-mail. In such a case, the appeal must be certified by an enhanced qualified electronic signature of the person submitting the request or his representative. He must compile and assure an inventory of the documents attached to the request and the request itself. The person submitting the request also assures him with his signature.

To submit a request, you can contact the multifunctional center. His employee is obliged to certify the identity of the person submitting the request.

It turns out that in order to find out what property belongs to a specific person, an appropriate court order is necessary for an individual.And in order to find out who is the owner of the property located at a specific address, it is enough to submit a request to the USRR and pay the corresponding fee.

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