How to equip the house?

For many, your home is not just a personal little fortress, but much more. A house is a kind of living creature that lives in the same rhythm with its owner, shares with it moments of happiness and helps to survive the bitterness of losses and defeats. Therefore, it is quite understandable that each owner’s desire to equip his home so that he, as they say, is pleasing to the eye, is stylish, beautiful and cozy.

How to equip a private house: tips

First of all, you need to make sure that your home is comfortable for living. The house must be warm. Without light, water and sewage you also can not do. If your cottage is at a distance from the benefits of civilization and it is impossible to connect them from the outside, it is necessary to install autonomous life support systems - an automatic heating boiler, an electric generator, a water pump, etc. go to the establishment of comfort and arrangement of interior decoration of the house.

Room design

How to equip the house from the inside? You should not get any interior details you like, obeying a momentary impulse. First you need to develop a clear concept for the design of living rooms and clearly imagine in what style you would like to equip your house. For inspiration, you can look through design magazines, look for photos of beautiful houses on the Internet, of which there are a great many, there will help you make the right choice.

Consider three popular styles of decoration of residential premises of a private house.

  • Classic style involves the use of traditional materials. Parquet or natural wood on the floor, heavy curtains, vertical striped wallpaper with embossed and gilded, mirrors in massive frames, stucco on the ceiling, blankets on the chairs, silk pillows on the couch - these are the distinctive features of the classic English style. The furniture should be rather heavy, made of dark wood, the seats, as a rule, are covered with striped silk in green or golden brown tones. In the living room of a house decorated in this style, it would be nice to build a fireplace, on the shelf of which you can place traditional fireplace clocks and small porcelain figurines.
  • Country style. This style is ideal for a small country house.It uses materials that are common to a simple village house. Floors of light unpainted wood, soft wallpaper with a pattern in a small flower, embroidered linen fabrics and curtains trimmed with knitted lace - all this will be appropriate in a house decorated in country style. As additional details of the interior, you can use earthenware, copper samovar, grandmother's chest or other trifles dear to the heart. The main thing here - do not play with their number, otherwise you risk turning your house into a warehouse of any junk. Home furniture is better to buy wicker or made without any frills from the usual light wood.
  • High tech style. A house in such a style should be equipped for people who want something unusual, new, unconventional. Minimalism, cubism, a combination of black and white, a lot of glass and shiny chrome - these are the main features of this style. A hybrid of a large aquarium with a spaceship - this is how a house built in high-tech style looks like. For the interior of such a house is characterized by the use of various transforming objects. Coffee table made of glass and metal, turning into a dining table, transparent cabinet door,laid out in a long screen - these and other similar multifunctional furnishings are an integral part of a high-tech home.

Having decided on the style in which you will equip your home, you can begin to purchase the necessary materials and begin the finishing work. When the repair will be completed, it is time to buy furniture and other interior details. Putting everything in its place, you can finally enjoy the result of their hard work. But the trouble does not end there yet, because the presence of a private house often presupposes the presence of a private plot, which will also have to work on.

How to equip the courtyard of the house

The first thing you need to take care of creating a fence, because your property should be protected. What kind of fence it will be, you decide. A low wrought-iron fence, a hedge or a massive brick wall - it all depends on the location of the house and your personal taste.

After the fence is delivered, you can do the layout. Ideally, if the size of the infield allows, it should be allocated a place for three main zones: the front area,where you can meet guests; zones for family recreation and economic zone, where subsidiary buildings, vegetable beds and berry bushes will be located.

  • In the front area, an access road, decorated with trees and bushes, an elegant flowerbed at the entrance to the house, a small fountain (if possible) and a lawn for picnics are usually placed in the front area. Lawn equip canopy, under which set garden furniture, and a platform for making barbecue and barbecue.
  • In an area designed for family recreation, you can build a gazebo for family tea parties, install deck chairs, swings (if there are children in the house), hang a hammock and make a small artificial pond decorated with stones and water plants along the banks.
  • In the economic zone there is a house for storing garden tools, a bathhouse or a summer shower, a greenhouse and beds for growing vegetables. Next to them you can plant berry bushes and fruit trees.

It is necessary to plan and lay garden paths of gravel or paving tiles throughout the site. Do not forget to take care of their lighting and install small garden lanterns in the right places.

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