How to eat rolls?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
August 2, 2014
How to eat rolls?

Many people who have never tasted rolls before, fall in love with their taste the first time. If you decided to treat this exotic dish to your home or invited guests, then you just need to know how to eat rolls in order to follow all the rules of oriental etiquette.

Learning to eat rolls right

The first thing to learn is rolls with chopsticks. Of course, you can use forks, but then the meal will lose its charm. You can take a few lessons from someone who already owns this skill, or specifically go to a sushi bar to get a master class from an experienced waiter.

After mastering the chopsticks, you can proceed to the very ceremony of eating rolls. At first, guests are served a hot towel, which will definitely need to wipe their hands. So do in sushi restaurants. You can learn this technique for a homemade meal in the Japanese style.

There are rolls properly needed as follows:

  • Take one piece and gently dip it into the sauce, and not entirely, but only on the edge.Although the rolls are rather big, it is not recommended to cut or bite them;
  • After having tried one kind of rolls, you should eat a piece of ginger. This will help remove one taste to taste the other;
  • When feeding different rolls, there is no special sequence in which they should be eaten. However, experts advise to start with pieces wrapped in nori (seaweed used to make sushi and rolls) so that it does not have time to lose its crunchy properties.

What to do with rolls

The Japanese attach great importance to how the dishes are served. They believe that before enjoying the taste, you need to admire the view of food. Rolls are no exception. They should be served to the table in a beautiful dish, arranging them on it in the form of patterns. Exquisitely colored rolls and mosaic.

Ways of giving rolls two:

  1. Food is put to each guest in a separate plate;
  2. There is one large dish on the table, and everyone chooses what to try, transferring the chosen one to his personal plate.

If the dish can be shared, then bowls of sauce and ginger should be separate.

To roll, except for pickled ginger and soy sauce, you should definitely serve wasabi. This seasoning will give them special spice and emphasize their unique taste.Just do not abuse the amount of this hot sauce, otherwise you will not feel the taste of either fish or rice.

Separately about drinks

Green tea goes well with rolls. It refreshes, cools and allows you to more fully feel the new taste. Green tea is usually served when changing dishes.

There are options for alcoholic beverages. If you follow Japanese traditions precisely, you will need real vake, sake, or a special plum wine with the addition of green tea or honey (quite expensive and rather rare).

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