How to dress a child on the street?

An integral part of a child's development iswalks in the open air. They strengthen its immunity, produce a strengthening and hardening effect on it. But overheating or hypothermia of a child can have a negative impact on his health. That is why it is so important to dress the child correctly, to approach this question sensibly, and not to go to extremes. In this article, we will tell you how to put a child on the street, how to do it right, depending on the time of the year, and do it as accurately and correctly.

Choosing clothes

All clothes for your child should be selected independing on the season. To do this, you can create a wardrobe for a child in advance at a particular time. When you watch your child, you will quickly understand how and in what weather to wear it. You can rely on folk wisdom - "dress a child a little warmer than you dress yourself," but this statement is based on the following conclusions:

  • The child's body is also unable to keep heat well as an adult body.
  • A child, if he is lying in a stroller, does not producea lot of movements, and, as is known, in the absence of motor activity, the body can not fully develop all the necessary energy to warm up the body.

A child should wear a little warmer, and notpull on him many layers of clothing. Layering in the clothes of a child is absolutely undesirable. When you buy children's clothes, always pay attention to the quality of the fabric from which it is made. Always choose clothes made from natural raw materials that can hold heat well, absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe.

Do not wear synthetic clothing.tissues, they create a greenhouse effect when worn. It is worth paying attention to the special thermal underwear, with which the child can warmly wear and do not create for him discomfort.

Walking in the summer

Walking in the summer is much more pleasant than in the restpores of the year, it remains to be decided how to dress the child for a walk, so that he did not freeze in the presence of a sharp gust of wind, and did not overheat in the heat. Worry about the choice of clothing is only if you are going for a walk with the baby. If the air temperature is above 25 degrees, and there is no wind, you can wear a cotton shirt and ordinary cotton socks. From above it can be covered with a thin diaper. Cloak on the stroller is better to replace the transparent fabric, which would let fresh air.

If the temperature fluctuates from 20 to 25 degrees,and the breeze whistles, it is better to put on the baby sliders, a flannelette, usual socks and a flannel cap. You can cover the baby with a diaper, but only so that it is warm. If there is a strong wind, it is better to put on a stroller cover, which protects the baby from a draft.

If the temperature is less than 20 degrees, overthe previous set wear a warm suit and a slightly warmer hat. Also, every time you go for a walk, take with you a spare warm blouse, so that you can dress it when the weather changes or when the wind is up.

Autumn Walk

For autumn you will need a couple of sets of warmclothes. Warm suits for walking from 15 to 19 degrees, and overalls for walking at lower temperatures. It is recommended to choose overalls of such warmth that they do not have to wear warm suits for them. Quite adequate will be a set: tights, a T-shirt, a warm dress or shirt, warm overalls or a suit.

The hat is needed warmer, preferably with earsor strings, so as not to blow the ears. It is desirable that the hat was on natural fur, since the artificial head of the child sweats, and he can get cold. On the legs wear warm socks and boots-shoe covers, which come complete with overalls.

Winter walk

In winter, know what clothes to walk withchild is suitable, especially significant. At temperatures up to -15 under the autumn set, clothes are put on, and another set of warm clothes. Preference is given to mittens, because in gloves hands are more frozen. You can use fur gloves under which knitted mittens are worn. Wear a scarf on the child, especially if the outer clothing does not fit tightly to the body. Also you can read a few more of our articles about children's clothes:

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I hope to understand how to dress a child on the street you can and yourself, just focusing on the sensations and behavior of your baby on walks. Wear the baby correctly!

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