How to draw summer?

October 2, 2014
How to draw summer?

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How to draw summer?

To be able to draw some simple, but symbolic pictures is very good. Useful tips on this topic can be found in our article: How to draw a picture. You can draw for yourself, as a gift to a loved one or just when you are bored. The ability to draw summer is doubly pleasant, since we are always short of summer.

We draw summer in stages

This lesson will help you learn to draw summer with a pencil. The instruction describes all the actions in stages, so even a child will be able, following all the recommendations, to draw a summer by himself. This is especially true at the beginning of the school year, when a drawing teacher asks to make a drawing on the topic: “How I spent the summer.”

A classic example of a summer drawing is the image of a palm tree. How to draw a palm tree, you can learn from our article: How to draw a palm tree. And in this article we will draw a landscape with a palm tree:

  1. We start at the bottom left corner of the picture. We draw in this place the base of our palm. They will serve as a stone with a crack in the middle.
  2. Mentally divide the drawing into four equal parts and divert the upper left part under the palm crown. We draw five large leaves of a palm tree. To make it look more natural, do not draw all the leaves from the common center. Instead, we do as if the leaves partially overlap each other.
  3. The last thing we need to draw on a palm tree is the trunk. We draw its contours from the crown to the base. And on the very trunk draw dash, which will make the tree more realistic.summer
  4. To the left of the palm, as if in the background draw a bush. It is enough to draw a wavy line, in a semicircle to the edge of the sheet.
  5. Now we draw the beach. We start from the coastline. It is wavy, begins behind a palm tree, as if from a bush and diagonally goes in waves to the lower right corner of the picture.
  6. The horizon begins at the same level as the coastline on the left, but runs parallel to the lower and upper edges of the pattern.
  7. In parallel with the horizon, we depict several mountain peaks. To look natural, mountain peaks do not have to be the same.
  8. Now draw the sky. On both sides of the palm crown draw clouds. Those that are higher - they are bigger, those that are closer to the mountains - they are smaller.
  9. As a final touch, add a stretched towel and a beach umbrella to the beach.

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