How to draw on a computer? Draw on computer: program

Nowadays, the computer has already become an indispensable attribute of modern human life, and the functioning of the overwhelming majority of industries is simply impossible to imagine without automated technologies. After all, the PC provides us with a huge number of different possibilities. In particular, he allows us to draw, and no worse than the best artists on canvas. To do this, initially you just need to figure out how to draw on a computer, which programs are used for this.

How and who can draw?

how to draw on computer

Absolutely any PC user can draw, and for this you do not need to have some kind of talent or many years of experience and education. Of course, the creation of masterpieces remains for the masters of their work and talented people, but at the same time, any ordinary user can also try himself in this art by doing something that could please many.

In this case, in order to begin to do this business, you first need to figure out how to draw on the computer. Due to the presence of specialized utilities, any user has the opportunity to draw anything, and for this there is the widest selection of specialized software that is completely free.


draw on computer

Considering the drawing tools, first of all you should consider the program of the Windows operating system itself, which allows us to draw on the computer - Paint. In other words, in order to use this drawing utility, you will not need to install something extra; you just need to go to the "Standard" section, then open the program and start drawing in the way that is convenient for you.

What are the benefits of Paint?

The main feature of this program is that it is extremely simple to learn, so that even a novice in the field of personal computers can understand it. The main functions of this program are the ability to paint with a brush or a pencil, as well as to fill the surface with a specific color and a variety of mounting patterns, including cutting fragments, resizing and much more.All this allows you to use the program even to those who are interested in how to draw cartoons on the computer. The functionality of this program, in principle, is sufficient to completely correct any minor errors in the drawing you made.

For this reason, if you are just starting to figure out how to paint on a computer, you should start with Paint.


draw a program on the computer

Gimp is quite popular today, as well as a more powerful graphic editor compared to the previous one, which, among other things, can also be used on portable graphics tablets and many other specialized devices.

With the help of this utility, you can significantly improve the color reproduction of the image, increase the brightness in the pictures, and also without any difficulty to cut out unnecessary in your opinion fragments from the photographs. It is worth noting the fact that, using this editor, you will not only figure out how to draw on a computer, but also be able to even slice site layouts, if necessary. The program allows you to save files in its format, which has an .xcf tag.It provides full preservation of texts, textures, layers and other elements.

The utility provides users with a fairly wide functionality, in particular, this refers to the clipboard, due to which any picture can be instantly inserted into the program in a short period of time. If you know even a little about the basics of programming, then Gimp provides you with ample opportunities in terms of creating your own plug-ins. In addition, in the program Gimp there is also the possibility of archiving the created images.


how to draw pony on computer

This graphic editor is intended only for novice artists. To do this, an extremely simple and user-friendly interface was developed here, allowing even novices to easily draw on a computer. The program offers a huge set of brushes, so you can realize yourself fully, painting with the help of this utility in the same way as on a real canvas. If we talk about the characteristic advantages of this editor, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • It supports tablets, that is, you can not only draw on the computer, but also use this program on mobile gadgets, drawing in any place convenient for you.
  • It is possible to set up fast commands, which allows advanced users to work with this utility much more quickly and conveniently.
  • A huge variety of tools for drawing. There is also the possibility of creating or importing additional tools, which is especially nice for those who think how to learn how to draw on a computer.
  • The canvas has no boundaries, which allows you to fully realize some of your ideas. The only thing worth mentioning is that you still have to fit within a certain frame if you want other users to have the opportunity to view the image on their monitors entirely.
  • The utility supports absolutely all common operating systems today.

Due to this, the program is now actively used by people who prefer to draw on a computer.

Graffiti studio

how to draw cartoons on a computer

Fans of graffiti style will definitely appreciate a utility like Graffiti Studio. Simplicity and realism of this utility make you fall in love with it literally at first sight. Users are offered the opportunity to choose from a variety of different canvases,which can be used as buses, cars, walls, as well as other surfaces that are popular among fans of this art.

It is worth noting that the main panel of this program offers a fairly wide palette of colors. In addition, it is possible to use a variety of effects, including smudges, markers, compliance with a certain distance to the surface, as well as many other elements.


how to learn to draw on a computer

Using this graphic editor, the user can draw anything on the computer, since the program offers the broadest functionality regarding the creation and subsequent editing of various images. It should be noted that this utility was originally aimed specifically at drawing from a white sheet, and not at editing ready-made images.

The functionality of this utility offers a huge number of a wide variety of design and artistic tools, including all kinds of pencils, brushes, pens, pens, as well as many others. A distinctive feature of the program is an extremely clear and user-friendly interface, as well as the ability to work with tablets.


Opportunities, as well as the functionality provided, this editor is quite able to compete with the vaunted Adobe Photoshop, which today is recognized as a leader in its field, but is paid, and for this reason in our case it is not considered. This utility offers an imitation of painting with oil, paint, pencil, brush, chalk, and any other tools, while providing the opportunity to work with different layers.

Speaking from the point of view of editing, here the utility allows compressing or converting files to other formats.

PixBuilder Studio

paint on computer paint

"Mini-Photoshop" - this is how this utility is often referred to by many users who are interested in how to draw on a computer. The program provides a fairly large number of popular and most popular today functions and features that paid Photoshop offers.

In particular, it is worth noting that this program provides the editor of brightness and contrast, and also offers a fairly large number of tools that allow you to transform the image.Using PixBuilder, you can create a wide variety of complex images and objects, and special attention should be paid to the fact that the program has a very, very interesting feature of blurring the image, which further expands the boundaries for creative approach. In particular, these effects will be important for those who are interested in how to draw anime on a computer.

In terms of image editing, the program offers the ability to resize, as well as rotate or rotate the image. All this makes PixBuilder Studio - one of the most successful image editing programs among all existing to date. Regardless of whether you are looking for how to draw ponies on a computer or how to make a full-fledged landscape, the program will provide you with the necessary functionality.


Inkscape is a specialized vector image editor that is a completely free version of Corel Draw. This utility is designed to draw vectors or directional segments, which is its distinctive feature. If we talk about the advantages of drawing in this format, it is worth highlighting the fact that vector drawings absolutely do not lose quality if the user decides to change the resolution.

However, most often this utility is popular, of course, not among those who are looking for how to draw ponies on a computer, but more in the field of printing.


LiveBrush is quite popular today due to the fact that it is one of the most understandable and simple among all the utilities that exist today. The main distinguishing feature of the program is a sufficiently large number of possibilities for editing pictures, as well as the fact that in this case we draw with a computer using only a brush.

Of course, initially it may seem that the use of a single tool can somewhat reduce the user's capabilities, but in reality you can do with this program what you have not done with any other utility. Here you can choose from a huge variety of brushes themselves, as well as advanced settings for them. If necessary, you can independently download the brush from the Internet or even make it. It should be noted that in this case, under the concept of "brush" provides a tool that can not only draw standard lines, but even think about how to draw cartoons on a computer.For this reason, those people who prefer to work with graphic portraits will definitely appreciate the possibilities of the described program.

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