How to draw graffiti on paper with a pencil?

Modern and at the same time very original art has recently become incredibly diverse. Art includes much more than we think. Over the past few years, youth creativity has acquired a huge number of interesting types and forms of art.


A kind of art is the so-called graffiti. It would seem that a couple of years ago, similar inscriptions and drawings were known only in the largest cities of the United States of America, and now even children in Russia know what it is. Few people know that graffiti is a rather ancient art. If at one time this form of “drawing” could be considered acceptable, now it is not so, although now there are contests and even protests in different cities of Russia, in which schoolchildren draw graffiti, and not like in America. Our children draw decent paintings, the most popular of which are made on the theme of the Great Patriotic War.Graffiti on paper in pencil

What can I say, even pensioners who have gone through the war are happy to see graffiti on the walls, made as a gift to them for saving Russia from the fascists. But now is not about that.

How to learn to draw graffiti?

Learning to draw graffiti is not so difficult, but a beginner should always understand that his workouts will not be done on walls, but on a regular sheet of paper in order to hone skills. It is very easy to draw graffiti on paper with pencil, however, it will take much more than 15 minutes of your time - much more, of course, only if you want to draw really high-quality drawings.

Dear friends, today you will finally learn how to correctly draw graffiti on paper with an ordinary pencil.

What is needed for graffiti?

Graffiti for beginners on paper with pencil

In order to make graffiti (for beginners) on paper with pencil, we need the following elements:

  • white paper - and best of all, an album, thanks to which you will be able to observe your progress;
  • eraser and, of course, a pencil in order to make sketches, which will be the basis for the drawing;
  • colored pencils, markers, felt-tip pens and similar elements that will help us draw graffiti on paper;
  • self-confidence and self-reliance.

Today we will tell you how to draw graffiti on paper with a pencil, and you watch carefully so that everything works out.

How to draw graffiti?

As you already understand, in order to draw graffiti, you need to be able to draw a little, since from a complete zero it will be extremely difficult to draw stunning pictures, even more so - this is impossible. Without a doubt, for the first time it will be necessary to draw graffiti on paper in pencil in stages, and then, perhaps, independently.

First of all, try drawing a voluminous text yourself. If you managed to do this, the most difficult graffiti will also give in to you.

Graffiti on paper in pencil in stages

Everyone can draw a drawing, but it will take a fair amount of time to study this kind of art. Nobody argues, there are self-taught people who paint better than some professionals, but be aware that the best thing is to go to a special graffiti school where you will be taught everything related to this art form.If there is no such school in your city, you will have to study on your own, but for this you first need to learn the theory.

Graffiti and its types

To put it bluntly, it can be argued that graffiti is inscriptions and drawings on different walls, train cars and completely different surfaces. Graffiti on paper in pencil for beginners in stages - this is what you need, since you have reached this page. Graffiti, first of all, is an art form, therefore inscriptions like “Here was Petya” or “CSK - champion” are not graffiti - these are ordinary inscriptions in a hurry, so do not confuse.

As you have probably understood, graffiti is divided into several types:

  1. Reiting - the main category of painting on the streets of cities, which includes a variety of inscriptions and very beautiful pictures.
  2. Bombing - this form is called an extreme pattern. Why is that? Because here it does not matter how beautiful and pleasant the drawing is to people, the main thing is where and under what conditions an inscription or drawing was made. Similar drawings can be seen on train cars or car doors.
  3. Tegging is the simplest type of such drawings, which is an ordinary simple signature of the artist.
  4. Scratching is graffiti drawings that are made with a special stone, cutting glass.

Graffiti on paper with a pencil for beginners in stages

On paper, you can only perform tagging and, in fact, writing.


Before proceeding to the drawing in this format, you should come up with the word that you will use in your drawing. Graffiti on paper in pencil will not take you very long, however, in order to draw a valid tag, you will need to try.

The essence of the tag is an ordinary signature of a person who draws, in other words, by drawing graffiti in this form, you can use either your real name or surname or any invented alias. It is possible to estimate the complexity of an inscription only by reading it, that is, the harder it is to read your inscription, the more difficult its implementation. In no case do not forget to decorate the letters, which you draw, with various curls and your own authoring elements. Write the words in an original way so that it is difficult to read, but at the same time the graffiti looked more than good. Do not forget to use the basic elements of tagging: asterisks, crowns, dots, and so on.

How to draw graffiti on paper with a pencil?


If you belong to those people who already know how to draw something, it's probably a very simple task for you to do tagging. In such a situation, you need to try yourself in a more complex form of graffiti on paper with a pencil, which in art is called writing.

First of all, it would be best to depict any specific inscription, for example, the name would be perfect (both your own and someone else's - even the most beloved dog). You can also use your favorite word or something like that.

For beginners in this business, the following graffiti is perfect. For beginners on paper, pencil will be easier to try to draw in a strict style and large size. In no case, if you draw drawing for the first time, you do not need to try to depict something first-class, try to write a word of 3-5 letters.

The result

Graffiti in pencil on paper

Today you have learned the types of graffiti, a simple pencil on paper that can be drawn without any problems. Few could have guessed that graffiti was already considered the official art form. Also, not everyone is aware of the fact that this one was invented so many years ago. Did you know that in different cities of the Russian Federation very often (especially in summer) competitions are held among inscription professionals?

Many were not aware of what types of graffiti are: writing, bombing, tagging and scratching. Unfortunately, only two of these types are suitable for drawings on paper. Graffiti on paper in pencil is by no means the last look in this art. Many well-known graffiti-professionals began to draw their images and words also on paper, and now they receive huge money for painting on houses.

Do you like to draw, but do not know if you can make a high-quality picture? So why not try it !? In no case do not draw on buildings, because it is simply prohibited by the laws of our state, draw breathtaking inscriptions on paper!

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