How to draw graffiti on the wall?

The term "graffiti" from Italian translates as "scratched drawings." In the modern concept, these are images or inscriptions made in ink or sprayed on any surface. This type of art also includes a street branch - painting walls.

Appearance history

The first graffiti on the walls dated to ancient centuries. They received the greatest distribution in ancient Rome, Greece, in the East. A vivid example of this is the famous catacomb paintings in the capital of Italy.
In addition, such drawings gained wide popularity in Mesoamerica even in pre-Columbian times. Most of all the Mayans have succeeded in this. What is worth only their city Tikal with its unique and clearly wall drawings. Also, graffiti is still found in the ancient Scandinavian and Romanesque churches, on the mounds in Ireland.
During the Renaissance, all known artists made graffiti, even Raphael, Lippi, Michelangelo, Pinturicchio and others. They invented their grotesque styles, which were later repeated by their students.At the beginning of the 20th century, numerous graffiti on the walls were found in the Egyptian pyramids (see photo below). Traditionally, Napoleon’s soldiers left traces during the conquest campaign. Lord Byron repeatedly scribbled his initials. Soviet soldiers left a mark on the walls of the Reichstag on the day the Second World War ended.graffiti on the wallToday graffiti on the walls of houses is a street sub-type of art, which is compared by many with acts of vandalism. However, this is a very popular form of expression for today's youth. No wonder it is considered closely related to the hip-hop culture. By the way, in many civilized cities, street artists are allocated huge areas for their undoubtedly complex and time-consuming art.

Becoming a graffiti

In South America, art has got through the slums of Brazil. No wonder that today Sao Paulo is considered the center of street culture. Here graffiti first appeared on a brick wall. For a long time, thousands of young and promising artists have come to Brazil to seek recognition through the means of their fascinating images and inscriptions.Interestingly, New York is competing with Sao Paulo for the right to be considered the capital of graffiti.
In the Middle East, street art is developing at a modest pace. The largest clusters of alternative artists are observed in the big cities of Israel, the UAE and Iran. It is noteworthy that it is in these countries that graffiti masters are considered illegal, and their work is vandalism. In Israel, in the fight against this kind of art allocates huge funds. In this region, graffiti on the walls often have a religious form.graffiti on the wallsIn Russia, the so-called flow of bombing is developing - illegal images or inscriptions on state or private property. Both law enforcement agencies and social services are struggling with this manifestation of vandalism. The graffiti movement in the country originated in the 1980s.

Graffiti styles

To date, there are several basic variations of street art. One of the most common styles is called tagging. Such inscriptions contain a capacious message of the author or his initials, identifying him among many other artists. Sometimes mysterious messages are encrypted in tags. A branch of style is pissing.It is characterized by the use of a fire extinguisher filled with paint to create tags up to 5-6 meters high.
Bombing is considered the most common style of graffiti on walls in Eastern Europe (see photo below). Such inscriptions or images are applied quickly. A minimum of colors is used, sometimes artists resort to stencils. This kind of street art is prohibited by law in most countries of the world.graffiti on the walls photo“Wild Style” is a complex variation of graffiti on the wall. His distinctive features are sharp corners and endless plexuses of letters.

Application Basics

To create graffiti on the wall, artists use a whole arsenal of tools and tools that the inexperienced newcomer doesn’t even realize. The main attribute of the application is spray paint. It is sold in special cans. The second important nuance is caps. These are paint sprayers that differ in the diameter of the hole. An experienced artist in the arsenal has a whole set of cans and cap. Also do not forget about the respirator and protective glasses, so that the fumes do not corrode the eyes.
Some artists use pre-fabricated stencils for individual elements of the design. They can be quickly made from any dense material.Spray paint is recommended in the immediate vicinity of the stencil, so as not to stain the rest of the surface. To work on large drawings you should take a few pairs of thick gloves.

Homemade graffiti

In the apartment for applying a picture or inscription is best to use spray paints. They are harmless and dry quickly. Graffiti on the wall in the apartment not only diversifies the interior, but also helps to mask the flaws of the layout.graffiti on the wall in the apartmentThe virtues of such drawings are that they are able to zone and increase the space. The theme of homemade graffiti can be different: from child to alternative chaos.
Aerosol drawings are durable and bright. The paint lies on a perfectly thin layer on the surface. If necessary, the wall can be repainted at any time.

Where to start applying

First, prepare the surface. For optimum paint spraying, the wall must be primed. In the next stage, it is important to choose the color scheme of the pattern and determine its size. All moments of the image should be thought out to the smallest detail. After the start of the application of the return will not be.
It will be necessary to take care of the sketch of the picture on paper, tablet. Novice artists can transfer the image to the surface using a projector to trace important outlines and lines.graffiti on the walls of housesTo create graffiti on the wall you will need brushes, paint, serviceable cans, caps of different sizes, a respirator and gloves.
Before starting to apply the pattern to the surface, you can practice aside: test your strength; see how the colors look; what is the width of the lines, etc.
It is important to understand that graffiti does not like to rush. Draw should be measured, smooth movements.

Recommendations for beginners

Rubber gloves are best for protecting hands from paint. They make the brush more sensitive to the spray can.
Do not save on paint. High-quality cans - a pledge of durable and beautiful graffiti on the wall.graffiti on a brick wallIt is not recommended to apply the pattern to the surface in severe frost, rain or hot weather.
Shake well before use. Thinner and paint should mix well.
When drawing the can only hold vertically.

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