How to draw animals with a pencil?

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How to draw animals with a pencil?

Animals are our smaller brothers. It is interesting not only to look at animals, but also to draw them. You can do this interesting thing - drawing animals - with the child, along the way talking about the beast, its habits, habitat. This article will talk about how to draw animals. We will draw them in stages with a pencil.

How to draw animals: instruction

Consider the drawings of animals made by artists. If you look closely, you can see that every part of the animal’s body can be inscribed in some kind of figure. Basically these figures will be circles or ovals of different shapes. For example, the legs are depicted as long narrow ovals, the head may be in the form of a ball.

  1. Mentally divide the body of the animal and draw auxiliary parts - ovals and circles. Watch for proportions. Try to depict the ratio of different parts of the body as accurately as possible, otherwise the animal will look disproportionate.Draw auxiliary lines without pressing hard on the pencil - after all, they will have to be erased after that.
  2. Connect the details, thereby creating an outline of the animal. If you think that the picture is not perfect, make adjustments. It is better to do this at this stage, since after that it will be more difficult to fix it.
  3. Drawing can begin with the muzzle. Picture the eyes, nose and ears. Pay attention to the characteristics of this animal - for example, the crocodile's muzzle is completely different from the dog's face. If there is vegetation on the animal's face, draw hair with short strokes.How to draw animal pencil
  4. Next, draw the torso of the animal. Specify the anatomy again - is the body of the beast proportional? It all depends on the style of your drawing: if this is an illustration of a fairy tale, for example, then a naturalistic image is not required; on the contrary, you can use your imagination by drawing an animal, for example, in human clothes.
  5. Draw the details that are specific to this particular animal, such as horns, long tail, trunk, membranes on paws, fangs, etc.
  6. If the animal's body is covered with wool, draw it with long or short strokes depending on what kind of wool the animal actually has.
  7. You can color your drawing using colored pencils.

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