How to draw a soldier?

Every person who has at least a little experience in drawing people can draw a soldier. In order for the hero to be recognizable, you can give him some characteristic posture, as well as draw the smallest details of military uniform. And to create a picture on a military theme, you can draw a soldier against the background of a large-scale battle scene.

So, how to draw a pencil soldier. First of all, it is necessary to fix a sheet of paper on the tablet in a vertical position. Then you should mentally divide it by the vertical axis into two equal halves. This is necessary in order to draw a soldier on the right side of the sheet, and his gun on the left.

How to draw a soldier in stages

Begin the process with work in the right half of the sheet. It is necessary to divide it with the help of the central vertical axis into two halves. It should be noted that this axis should not touch both the top and bottom edges of the sheet. To do this, leave about one and a half centimeters of free space. This axis will be conditionally the spine of a person.

Now it is necessary to divide it into several parts. Thus, the segment above should be equal to the height of the head. Then you need to calculate how many times this segment can fit on the axis from the neck to the waist, then from the waist to the knees and from the knees to the feet. The resulting proportions will need to be reflected in the figure. The future drawn soldier will not stand on the hood, but will take up the emphasis, ready to fire. Therefore, the central axis should be bent in several places: it is necessary to tilt the area a little at the level of the neck, and a little to the right of the center the area at the shoulders.

Now you will need to determine the line of the legs. To do this, divide the length of the axis from the shoulders to the bottom edge in half. Then from the resulting point you need to draw two segments. They will act as the axis of the legs. Next, you need to deviate them from the center line at a distance that will be equal to half the height of the head. It remains to draw the line of hands. At the beginning, you should mark the shoulders with a horizontal axis and draw two lines of the same length on each side of the ends of the obtained segment. In the place of their joint there will be an elbow.

Finish drawing

Now comes the most interesting moment in the process of drawing, we almost figured out how to draw a soldier. It is necessary to draw the volume of the body, taking into account all created segments. In this case, be sure to take into account the volume of the body, folds and drapes on clothes. First, you should draw large parts, and then move on to smaller ones. The gun will need to portray in the last turn. If you decide to depict a soldier from a real, not from a fictional army, you can find a photo of his uniform and reflect all the signs of a real suit in the picture.

In the end you need to color the resulting image, giving it a shadow. To do this, you can use absolutely any material, not only a pencil, but also gouache, watercolor, ink, oil paints or even charcoal. If you want to know how to draw a military soldier, find photos of a real military on the Internet, and redraw them, adding to the picture necessary corrections.

How to draw a soldier

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