How to draw a church?

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How to draw a church?

Many beginners in professional careersartists in the process of their teaching of painting are faced with a lesson in drawing church buildings. During the training they will learn how to draw a church in stages with a pencil. Actually, the process of execution of the task is similar to the process of drawing any other buildings and structures, but it has its own peculiarities.

Exceptions are some specificThe moments that should be taken into account in their work with this type of structures. First, you need to understand that your attitude to the process of drawing a church should in no way be correlated with your religious or atheistic beliefs. Approaching the process of drawing religious buildings, which are churches, must be clearly from a professional point of view. Be sure to apply all received theoretical knowledge and accepted drawing rules.

Technique of drawing

You will definitely need knowledge in the field ofdisplay perspective. Consider the rules for displaying the illumination and shadowing. Church buildings are peculiar in form. For proper display on paper of non-standard construction objects, study the features of church buildings. Use the art technique that is most familiar to you for this or that kind of drawing. Therefore, before you draw a church with a pencil, decide on what particular pattern you will make: a pencil sketch (sketch) or a completely pencil drawing (color).

Preparatory part

Mark on the selected paperA geometric figure that repeats the shape of the building. This can be done in the form of an easy outline drawing with a pencil by hand. You can also use templates of geometric shapes, such as a triangle and a rectangle. Try to make sketches by easy drawing of contours which can be imperceptibly corrected or removed at the subsequent work. Study the features of the geometry of church buildings before drawing a church.

Drawing large parts of the building

Mark on the top of the geometric shapes of the linetowers and add contours of window and door openings. In this regard, consider the ratio of the sizes of the painted parts and the rules for the construction of such openings in building technologies. The main door in the religious buildings is usually located in the front, and the windows can be located either in front or on the sides of the building.

Add small details

Begin to add to your sketch smaller onesdetails, for example, church attributes. Make a more bizarre and original shape of the windows. Add some details of the doors, because they are often carved or inlaid. Make a separate list of details of the church building and the order of their application on paper. We told how to draw a church in stages, but we still need to draw a landscape around.


After completing the sketch, proceed to thehatching. When drawing dashed lines and choosing their direction on paper with the purpose of displaying the depth of color and shadows, use your knowledge of the traditional color palette in the cult buildings. Before you draw a church, decide on the elements of the landscape of the surrounding area, taking into account the perspective and rules for drawing up image plans (first plan, background, etc.).

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