How to draw a body?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
October 1, 2014
How to draw a body?

The shape of a person is far from the easiest object to draw. However, starting to create a drawing with the most simple baselines, you can keep all proportions and make a neat and beautiful drawing. Our advice will help you with this.

Preparation for work

So that at any time you can correct the drawing, choose a solid pencil for work. First you will need to draw a body in a sketch manner. Do this without strong pressure on the stylus, so as not to scratch the paper. After completing this stage, take a softer pencil into the work. Take care also that the eraser is of good quality - it will be easy to remove imperfections and not leave stains and stains on the sheet.

Draw the girl's body in stages

To draw a girl's body in stages, we first determine the position of the figure. Next, we outline the base lines on which we will build the silhouette.

The simplest thing is to draw the body of a girl who is facing you straight.Having successfully coped with this task, you can try to draw a girl standing sideways, sitting on a chair or lying on the beach, for example.

  1. Draw an oval and divide it by two cross lines into 4 parts. BelowGirl's bodywe draw the vertical line of the spine and the horizontal lines of the shoulders and hips, to the sides we draw the dash-axis of the arms.
  2. Based on simple geometric shapes (rectangles, rhombuses, squares), we can draw a female body with the correct proportions. In this way, we outline the upper torso and hips.
  3. Draw the line of the breast, trying to make the lines as smooth as possible. We make the first hand sketches. Round the lines of the hips, draw the upper legs, abdomen. Remember that you need to draw a body with a waist - then the figure will look feminine.
  4. We finish drawing the hands with diligent drawing of brushes.
  5. We turn to the face: do the outline of the eyes, nose and mouth. A few smooth lines outlines the hair. You can also finish the girl a swimsuit, hiding spicy parts of the body.
  6. If you managed to fairly plausibly draw the girl's body, then you can remove all the auxiliary lines and get to work with a softer pencil.They go through all the elements of the picture, imposing shading and distributing shadows - this will give the image a greater realism and volume.

Similarly, you can draw the body of any person. The only thing to consider is that the male figure has slightly different proportions and less round shapes. In case you want to draw a nude body step by step with a pencil, our article How to draw a naked woman will be useful to you.

If you want to draw an anime body, then you will need to portray more hypertrophic features: very large eyes and very lush and long hair, voluminous breasts and hips with a very thin waist, as well as very long and slender legs.

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