How to draw a ball?

Natalya Safonova
Natalya Safonova
January 23, 2013
How to draw a ball?

Drawing is a fascinating activity that will help not only to realize your creative potential, but also, if you wish, to provide gifts to all your dear people.

They begin learning to draw, as a rule, with an image of simple geometric shapes and shapes: a ball, a cube, a pyramid, etc. How to draw a ball?

Necessary materials

First, a little about the materials that will be required:

  • pencils
  • paper
  • Light source
  • ball
  • eraser

And of course, free time and a little patience.

Pencils can be any, convenient for you. Remember that they differ in hardness-softness. The softer the pencil, the darker the tone will be, and accordingly, the harder, the lighter the tone. You can also draw with coal, sanguine or any other graphic material.

Paper can also be any, however, in the early stages it is better to use a sheet of drawing paper. You can, of course, use the album for drawing, and cardboard, and watercolor paper, which has a rougher structure.

To create the black and white areas on your model, you can take a regular desk lamp. As a "model" of the ball can serve as a children's or tennis ball, rattle, etc. In specialized stores where they sell products for artists, it is also possible to purchase a special plaster ball.

So, we direct the light of the lamp on the model - everything is prepared, and now we proceed directly to drawing.

Draw a ball with a pencil

How to draw a ball with a pencil? Conventionally, this process can be divided into several stages:

  • We are looking for the shape of the ball. Light movements, thin lines put two intersecting lines corresponding to the approximate height and width of your "model." On this base, we denote a square, from which in the future we will build a circle, inscribed in a square shape. Do not be alarmed if your ball is not immediately perfect. Extra lines can always be removed with a rubber band.
  • Now the question is how to draw a volumetric ball. Go to the tone pattern. Carefully consider the illuminated model, it is better that the light source was on top and somewhat to the side. We find the lightest and darkest place on our ball.With such lighting, about half of it will be lit, and the other half will be in the shadow (this is its own shadow), plus we do not forget about the falling shadow, which is usually the darkest place in the figure. You can roughly line up the transition of the illuminated zone to the unholy.
  • Shade the ball, not forgetting its shape, so that the picture looks more natural. When applying hatching all the time, compare the tone with the darkest place.
  • Do not forget about the bright places and the falling shadow. Your ball is ready. Hope you like it.

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