How to download Skype (Skype)?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
February 19, 2013
How to download Skype (Skype)?

Perhaps today there is no person who would not know what Skype is. This popular program for communication literally in a few years has gained incredible popularity around the world, displacing other messengers and "commoners". The indisputable advantages of Skype can be considered the ability to make calls around the world, as well as free to organize video conferences. Naturally, before you start using this program, you need to download and install it on your computer. So how to download Skype?

Step-by-step installation instructions

  • The first thing to visit. If you have problems with English, you can find a language switch at the top. Next, move the mouse cursor to the “Download Skype” section and see the drop-down menu. In it we find and select the device on which you plan to install this wonderful program. It can be a computer, smartphone, tablet, gaming device and even a SMART TV.
  • Since our article is devoted mainly to the computer, we choose our operating system.On the page that opens click the button "Download". If you have not registered on the official Skype website before - do it now. This procedure is, in principle, simple. It is enough to fill in all fields marked with an asterisk and click "Next." After that, the download will start. If you already have an account, select the "Sign in to Skype" tab and enter the available data.
  • When the program is “flooded” on your computer, run the downloaded SkypeSetup file. Is the program already installed? So you just need to enter the login with the password that was invented at the last stage and start using the popular "shared".

Skype for smartphone

Now you know how to download free Skype to your computer. If you want to install this program on your smartphone, in the above drop-down menu, you must select the operating system under which it is running. The rest is all the same. By the way, you can download the Skype installation file for your smartphone, either directly to your portable device or to a computer. In the latter case, to transfer "SkypeSetup" from a PC to a smartphone you will need a USB or Bluetooth connection.

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