How to dilute alcohol?

Elena Minkina
Elena Minkina
July 26, 2012
How to dilute alcohol?

Many people think about how to dilute alcohol. But this question is very interesting. Indeed, when mixing alcohol and water, the volume of the mixture is reduced. It was this “disappearance” of volume that D. Mendeleev studied. To get high-quality vodka is possible only with a carefully selected ratio of alcohol and water.

How to dilute alcohol 96% to get vodka

To prepare homemade vodka, you need not only high-quality drinking alcohol, but also soft water. Water should contain a minimum amount of salt. It is best to take spring water for dilution of alcohol. But if there is no such water, you can also take tap water, which must be passed through cleaning filters.

In a glass container with a volume of three liters is poured 1.25 liters of 96% alcohol. To it add 40.0 ml of 40% glucose solution (can be purchased at the pharmacy) and one teaspoon (5.0 ml) of acetic essence. After that, water is poured into a container with alcohol up to the level of three liters.

If desired, honey, citric acid and sugar can be added to the vodka, which not only improves its taste, but also makes it softer.

Obtained, in this way, homemade vodka should be allowed to stand 72 hours.

How to dilute alcohol with water: getting 40% vodka from 70% alcohol

To obtain good quality 40% vodka from 70% alcohol, you must use purified soft water. In addition, dilute alcohol with water should be in a clear ratio: 100.0 ml of alcohol 70% and 78.0 ml of water.

In addition, ascorbic acid and emollients (sugar, glucose, orange juice) can be added to the resulting mixture of alcohol and water. Do not add to the resulting vodka baking soda or oil-rich products, because after drinking this alcohol in the morning you will be provided with a severe headache.

After dilution of the alcohol with water, the resulting mixture should be allowed to infuse. If this time is not present, then the mixture should be shaken vigorously and must be cooled before use.

How to dilute alcohol: fast and tasty

Pour into the carafe 200.0 ml of 96% alcohol and add to it 300.0 ml of water. Squeeze the orange or lemon halves into a carafe. Shake the mixture vigorously and cool.To quickly cool the mixture, you can replace 100.0 ml of water with finely chopped ice prepared from a similar amount of water.

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