How to develop a project?

In order to start working on projects, it is necessary to clearly define what a project is and what are the main techniques in working on it in order for the work to be successful and lead to a positive result. A project is a process of making something or an embodiment of an idea in the future. That is, a project is a small business plan, if it is a commercial project, or an action plan, if the project is social. If you are engaged in innovative developments, then you need to know how to develop a project.

Commercial project

The main purpose of commercial projects - making a profit. Therefore, the more you describe all the stages of the path to this event, the easier it will be then to work and get income. It is necessary to begin, in any case, with the presentation of all your thoughts on paper. First, we describe in detail the subject that will be the main one in your project. This may be the production of any product (parts for a car, canned food, pastries, children's clothes, plastic dishes, etc.), and the provision of a service (car wash, cafe, tutoring,travel services, etc.) It can also be one of the areas of the existing business, for example, in a cafe a new production - baking branded pancakes, at a car wash - rubbing cars with new trains, in a children's studio - sewing clothes from a special warm fabric.

After you have clearly described the subject of your project, you must also clearly describe its ultimate goal. Not just “I want the cafe to make a profit”, but specifically: “I want the cafe“ Lily ”to bring 300 thousand rubles for 1 month, including 50 by selling a new product - pancakes”. This goal setting is called SMART and most accurately describes the end point of your project.

Then you write everything that needs to be done in order for the project to take place. You make a specific plan, indicating the names of the constituent parts of the project, deadlines, responsible and performers, what is needed for this stage - raw materials, documents, hired companies, etc. Each part of the project must be deciphered in terms of costs, negative features and ways to minimize them.

Studying how to develop a project, pay special attention to the financial side of the issue. You must make a detailed cost estimate.In it specify all costly items, the period when you need money, sources of funding. Then make a list of expected profits. Of course, you will not be able to get the maximum right away, usually the exit to the greatest profit occurs at 6-9 months after the start of the project. By comparing these two lists of costs and revenues, you will be able to assess the future success of the project.

Social project

To determine how to develop a social project, you must understand that its goal is completely different. It may include increasing the legal literacy of the population, increasing the political activity of young people, promoting a healthy lifestyle, respecting the rights of children and adolescents, and many others. In the structure of such a project there should be all the same items as in a commercial project, but there will be no estimate of the expected income. Also, the purpose of the project will be different. Although it is social, it should be expressed in specific measurable factors. For example, the goal of a healthy lifestyle project will be to increase the number of students involved in sections to 200, hold 15 lectures in 4 schools for students from grades 6 through 8, teach 100 first-graders in five schools to ride a bicycle.Do not formulate it as the slogan “We will all run and swim!”, You can never control the outcome of such a project.

School projects

Students are now engaged in school projects very often. They relate to any scientific direction, their goal is the scientific research of students. Therefore, teachers need to know how to develop a school project. The project includes the selection of the subject, the planning of scientific development, the conduct of the work itself, and the preparation of the presentation. There is no practical application for such a project. He has only a learning goal.

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