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How to determine the shape of the face?

In beauty salons, specialists always recommend to their clients precisely those haircuts that fit the shape of a person’s face. And this is not just because the visual effect of some haircuts can completely change the image. However, it is very difficult to choose your own hair, if you do not know how to determine the shape of the face.

How to determine the shape of the face?

  1. Stand in front of a large mirror. Get away from him at arm's length. Take your shoulders back and stand straight. If you have a bang, then remove it with a barrette. Face shape
  2. On the mirror, circle the contour of your face with a lipstick or marker, which can then be easily erased. Start at the lower point of the chin and head for the cheekbones. Try to keep your face in one place and not move.
  3. Look at the outline of what you got. Where is the face widest? Visually assess the shape of the forehead and jaw. Then it will be possible to determine the shape of the face: elongated, square, round, oval, triangular or heart-shaped.

Depending on the result, you can understand what type of person yours belongs to.

  • The elongated face is longer than wide.
  • The face of the heart assumes the shape of an inverted triangle.
  • The square face is approximately the same in width and length.
  • Oval face is determined by the rounded chin and greater length.Face shape
  • The round shape looks like a square one, but it has a small jaw and chin line.
  • The triangular face has a wide lower part and some narrowing at the top. This form has square, elongated and wide jaws with a narrow forehead.
  • A diamond face is determined with the help of wide cheekbones, a sharp chin and a narrow forehead. It is slightly higher in height than in length. If the measurements of the cheeks exceed the measurements of the jaw and forehead, and the chin is relatively sharp, then the shape of the face will be diamond.

If you are interested in not only the type of face, but also how to determine the type of skin, then we recommend reading the article How to determine the type of face.

Determine the shape of the face with accurate measurement.

With the help of this instruction you can determine only a few types of faces: oval, elongated, square, triangular or diamond.

  1. Go to the mirror.Measure the distance between the cheeks. In order to measure the width of the face, it is necessary to measure it in the upper part of the cheekbones. Place the end of the tape under the eye and gently stretch it to the outside corner.Face shapesecond eye. Make sure that the measurement takes place on the "apples" cheeks. Record the results.
  2. Measure the jaw. Look in the mirror and decide on the widest part of the jaw. Swipe the tape from this point to the end of the chin, then multiply this number by two, and you will get the size of your jaw.
  3. Proceed to determining the size of the chin. Find the widest forehead area. As a rule, it is located between the hair line and the eyebrows. Attach the measuring tape and stretch it to the opposite point on the forehead. Record this measurement.
  4. Next, measure the length of the face. Determine where you have the middle of hair growth, and attach the tape to this point. Lower it to the lowest point of the chin. If your head is shaved, then try to find the exact hairline.
  5. Comparing the proportions you can understand what your face shape. To do this, go back to the list of types of persons given above.

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