How to delete my profile?

Online dating is a convenient way to find "your" person. After all, it is not always possible to find your soul mate in real life. However, on dating sites you can find good friends. Most visitors to such sites over time translate virtual communication into real. And, once registered, after some time, many people want to delete their profile. The following describes the most popular dating sites with tips for deleting profiles from these sites.

How to delete my profile on a dating site?

Now you should consider each site separately and find out how to delete your data from the network permanently. Here is a list of more popular dating sites:

How to remove the profile from the site

The first place is occupied by the site. It was presented for general use in 2005 and today has a large number of registered visitors. It includes several unique services, such as anonymous call and chat. To remove the questionnaire from 24 open, you just need to follow the link "User Agreement".On the next page, under the text, there is a link “Delete profile”, after pressing it, detailed instructions will follow. But it must be remembered that after deleting the questionnaire, the mailbox specified during registration will be added to the black list. In order to re-register on the site, you will have to secure a new box.

How to remove a profile from Loveplanet dating site

Loveplanet was also created in 2005. The daily attendance of the site is 800.000 users, and the total number of registered participants is in the millions. The dating site offers not only participation in video chats, but also the function of maintaining your blog or online game. Here you can either completely delete the questionnaire, or freeze it for a while while retaining all its data. To delete the questionnaire irrevocably, follow the link that you need to enter in the address bar of the browser. Then the system will require you to specify the reason for the deletion, and only after that the profile will disappear from the site. In some cases, the reason for deleting the questionnaire may need to be explained to the moderator.

How to remove a profile from

Dating site appeared in 1999. Its main advantage is that you can view profiles of interested people without registering. The site is quite popular and does not require special attention.Here you can delete the page both temporarily and permanently. To deactivate your account, you need to go to "Settings". After clicking on the "Delete" subsection, the personal page is permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

How to remove a profile from

The site differs from the rest in that each new visitor has to pay $ 2 for activating his profile. But it is possible to view profiles of other users without registering on the site. In order to quickly remove a profile from this site, you must go to the “Profile Settings” and click on the “Delete Profile” section, which is located below. After that, you will need to enter a password, and the profile will be automatically deleted. Those who paid for account activation have a chance to restore it for free within 3 days.

How to remove a profile from russianhearts

After registering on the dating site, the data profile is activated for 3 days. Each user has his own mailbox where letters from interested fans come. The site can only close the questionnaire, it is impossible to completely remove it. To close the questionnaire, go to the "Profile", then click on "Edit" and "Delete Profile". You can restore all data at any time.

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