How to dance tectonics?

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How to dance tectonics?

Tectonics - what is this: dance, music or a trade brand? Tectonics has turned into a whole movement, a trend in fashion. Therefore, those who want to know how to dance Tectonics, must join a certain culture of Tectonics, match the style of clothing.

What is Tectonics?

In fact, Tectonics is a kind of moderndance. A lot of activity falls on the hands, and in general, Tectonics combines such dance directions as Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Liquid-Pop, Poping-Waving, C-Walk, Vogging, Tutting and others. Dancers, borrowing various elements of dance from these directions, create something of their own, unique and unique direction - Tectonics.

Modern youth dances Tectonics everywhere: and in clubs, and on the street, and at home, as everyone can learn how to dance Tectonics at home: the video lessons of Tectonics flooded the entire Internet! Such an incendiary dance, virtuosic movements of young people and girls, specific music will not leave indifferent any passer-by. Look at the video, what huge crowds surround the Tectonics dancers on the streets of big cities!

History of the origin of Tectonics

Where does the popular dance originate from?Tectonic: Belgium or France? In fact, the impetus to create a new direction was given by Belgium. At the very beginning of the 21st century, clubs in Belgium included Hardtech, Hardtrance and Euro Dance music, and danced under it in the style of Jumpstyle, jumping and alternately moving one or the other foot to the beat of the bass. In France, at the same time, the club "Metropolis" held parties "Tecktonik Killer", where young people, eager to differ from the masses, to the rhythms of electronic music were actively spinning and imitating the concept of dance of the Belgian clubs.

How did Tectonics learn everything

Tectonics received mass distribution in 2007year, when video clips from the festival "Paris Techno Parade" were transmitted with lightning speed through YouTube and other video sharing services. Tectonic fans have become a great many all over the world.

In 2006, Tectonics became a real trading companybrand, there was a compilation "Tecktonik Killer". The symbolism of Tectonics appears on a wide range of products: energy drink, T-shirts, baseball caps, laces and jackets. Not all dancers liked this, because of what they began to perform not just in clubs, but in the streets of cities. Now the press was also interested in the Tectonics movement.

Appearance: how to dance tectonics in public

If you want to know how to learn to dancetectonics, then you should not neglect the typical style of clothes dancers. After Tectonics is a direction of dance with its own culture, which is reflected in its appearance. Typically, young people who dance Tectonics, wear tapered jeans - pants, fitting a short shirt with a design (it may be the Tectonics emblem) and basketball-type sneakers. As accessories Tactonic dancers often wear wristbands, white straps or bright leggings on their hands.

If the dancers of the first generation of Tectonics, whoclearly wanted to differ from others and shock, wore white gloves and a pacifier in his mouth, now everything has changed. In our time this is a more democratic style of clothing. Those who dance tectonics, wear what they themselves want: they can perform in shorts and hoodies, but at least with a naked torso.

How to Dance Tectonics at Home

Certainly, to learn how to dance Tectonicsprofessionally and in the shortest possible time, you can go to the dance school. But the vast majority learn to dance Tectonics at home with the help of video lessons laid out on the web.

First, to understand how to dance Tectonics,you need to learn how to feel the rhythm of the music. Believe me, any complex combination of movements can be learned, but all of this can not be repeated to the beat of the music. Secondly, these are constant training sessions. They will eventually help to develop musicality.

  • Watch with us how to learn to dance Tectonics - a video with a lesson shows the slow movements of a dancer that you will have time to repeat.
  • Adopt the experience of dancers, try to follow them.
  • Listen to more different music and work hard.
  • Tap the rhythm of the music you hear.
  • You will understand how to dance tectonics not only on video, but also watching yourself in the mirrors. Be sure to dance in front of the mirror, correct mistakes and watch your movements.
  • Learning to dance Tectonics at home is real! Improvise more. After learning a few movements behind the dancer from the training roller, repeat them under your composition. Thus, you will be able to dance Tectonics not only at home, but also in clubs under completely different electronic music!
  • Never be discouraged! Most professionals, whom you see on video, how to dance tectonics, started learning the dance movements themselves, that is, in fact, were self-taught.

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