How to cure warts?

Warts appear due to infection with human papillomavirus, which can easily enter the body through everyday life. There are many home and professional cosmetic procedures to remove unattractive education from the skin. In this case, before you begin to fix the problem, you must first make sure that it is a wart, and not a neoplasm disguising as a wart. For this you need to consult a doctor.

Wart removal: professional procedures

  • Cryodestruction - removal of a wart by freezing it with liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen is applied using a swab attached to the holder. After treatment, the wart acquires a white shade and a more dense structure. Within an hour, a bubble forms in its place, which dries out and decreases in size over the next 5-7 days. At the very end, the crust disappears, and in its place remains a small speck of pink color - “young” epidermis. Most often, one procedure is enough, but sometimes additional ones may be required.
  • Coagulation by laser.The wart is cut off layer by layer with a laser under local anesthesia.
  • Electrocoagulation. This is a mini-operation that is carried out under local anesthesia, during which the wart is cut off with a thin metal loop, to which a high-frequency current is connected. The resulting crust leaves, too, after about 7 days. The advantage of this method is that a lot of material remains for histological examination (it will be necessary if the doctor has suspicions about the oncological nature of the wart).
  • Surgical removal. Also performed under local anesthesia. The incision is cut off with a scalpel, the wound is sewn up. This method is used to remove very large warts.

Home methods

We also offer several home ways to cure warts, remove them.

  • Use the juice of celandine (you can buy at the pharmacy). With the help of a lid with a special dispenser, you need to apply the tool once or twice a day to the surface of the wart. It is important not to affect the adjacent skin, because their celandine can simply burn - there will be ugly and painful traces. Under the influence of celandine, the wart will begin to acquire a blackish shade, which indicates its dying off.Cauterization can be repeated after a while, if the wart could not be completely removed the first time.
  • Kalanchoe leaves as small as possible chop (until the state of gruel), put a lot on the wart and bandaged. Change the bandage every day for a week.
  • Recipe from the series of "folk magic". Raw potatoes cut in half and the inside of each half to rub the wart. After that, put the pieces of the fruit together and either just put it aside or bury it in the ground. According to the belief, the wart will disappear when the potato rots.

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