How to connect the boiler?

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How to connect the boiler?

Heating of a private house or cottage with the help ofboiler on gas fuel - this is perhaps the most convenient and profitable solution to the problem of heating the home. Not without reason, most consumers at the first opportunity to connect to the gas main refuse the stove on wood or coal or from electric scooters in favor of boilers on gas.

If you decide to connect your gas boileron your own, then remember that self-connection of boilers to the supply main is prohibited altogether, and connection to the heating system can entail trouble, such as the abolition of the warranty period for purchased equipment. But if you do not mind, please read our recommendations.

So, how to connect the boiler?

Preliminary stage: installation of the boiler

The room in which the boiler will stand mustmeet safety requirements. The main of them is the mandatory presence of an opening window for airing the room. The place of contact of the wall version of the gas boiler with the wall must be sheathed with non-combustible material. The equipment should be installed without rolls and distortions.

Connecting the boiler to the heating system

Gas heating boilers are divided intosingle-circuit and double-circuit. Single-circuit boilers are designed only for heating the coolant (usually water, sometimes antifreeze), which circulates in the heating system and maintains a comfortable temperature in the dwelling. Two-circuit boilers additionally provide the house with hot water supply. In this article we will consider the most complicated variant - connection of a double-circuit boiler.

The two-circuit boiler has 5 nozzles:

  1. for gas supply;
  2. for the removal of hot coolant into the heating system;
  3. for connecting the return pipe of the heating system;
  4. for the cold water supply pipe;
  5. outlet for hot water supply.

We connect the branch pipes to the outlet and returnpipes of the heating system. If the heating system is no longer a new one, and you simply change the heater, be sure to flush the system and remove the scaling formed from the pipes. On both nozzles, stop ball valves should be installed, and the return filter must also have a coarse filter or a magnetic filter to prevent the scaling from entering the boiler. All joints need to be sealed with a linen pencil or tape-fum.

Connecting the boiler to the water supply system

Technically connecting the boiler to the pipesthe water supply is carried out in the same way as to the heating pipes. Do not forget about the installation in front of the boiler nozzles ball valves. The presence of cranes will allow later to carry out repairs, maintenance or replacement of equipment without cutting the pipes.

Make sure that the cold water pipe at the entrance to the house is equipped with a water purification filter. You can place an additional filter before entering the pipe into the boiler.

Connecting the boiler to the chimney

Carefully read the instructions to yourheating device and before installing the boiler, mount in the room the chimney variant described there (a conventional chimney, a coaxial type chimney). At the stage of connecting the equipment, connect the chimney chimney of your boiler with the flue gas system with the help of structural elements made of sheet steel.

Connecting the boiler to the gas main

These works are carried out only by specialistsgas service. If you connect the boiler yourself, you face a fine (and this at best). At worst - a violation of the connection technology can turn into a tragedy in the form of an explosion of equipment.

You can get more information fromarticles How to install a gas boiler. If you are facing the task of connecting not only boilers, but also other equipment, go to the section Install and connect.

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