How to connect a double switch? Double switch connection scheme

Double (otherwise - double-key) switches are very much in demand in apartments saturated with electrical appliances, since they can be used to turn on and off from the same specific place two consumers of electricity at the same time. They are also useful in the case when you need to manage individual sections of the same device. For example, such a switch is used to control the operation of a multi-illumination chandelier, when you can turn on either one of the lamps (or groups), or all at the same time. Moreover, the number of lighting lamps in each of these groups is not limited by anything. The question of how to connect a double switch, and will be discussed in this article.

How to connect a double switch

A large hall with a multi-track chandelier is not the only place for the practical use of a two-button switch.It can also be used in the entrance corridors of individual houses: then with a single key you can illuminate the external approach to the porch of the house (with an external lamp), and with the help of the second you can turn on the light in the corridor itself. It is convenient to use a double switch also to control the lighting of the office premises of the apartment - for example, a bathroom and a bath. In apartments, double-key switches are often installed also to turn on the light in the bathroom and toilet.

Double switch connection

Connecting a double switch, although not difficult in principle, requires some preparation.

Schemeand the principle of operationdouble switch

Before starting work, it is required to purchase a double pass switch in accordance with the style and general color scheme of the room where it will be installed. Since the white color (as well as those close to it, for example, creamy, ivory, etc.) is ideal for any interior, the switch in this package will be the most versatile. It is also worth considering its dimensions and key sizes. For example, if schoolchildren live in an apartment, the convenience of keystrokes should be related to their height.

The connection circuit of the double switch must be attached to the product. It follows from it that in practice it consists of two simple switches made in a common package. Pressing one of the keys, we break the electrical circuit of the phase wire, which goes to a specific group of consumers. Accordingly, zero is supplied to the source directly, and the phase through the switch.

Double switch connection scheme

Double switch connection scheme

Often on the back of the switch place the layout of its working contacts (usually it is depicted with open contacts) and their general output. We see three contacts coming out of the double switch circuit - the common one goes to the phase, and the two right - to the control outputs. During installation and subsequent operation of such a switch it will be convenient if the common contact is located below. Usually the manufacturer also supplies a double switch circuit with the product.

Double pass switch

It happens that the described wiring diagram on the rear panel is missing. Then you should remember that the output contacts are always located on one side, and the input contact is on the opposite side.

Preparing installation tools

The minimum required set includes a screwdriver (“under the cross”, because now you can rarely find electrical hardware “under the slot”), pliers, a voltage indicator, a portable flashlight, an wiring knife. It may be useful 1 ... 1.5 m wiring wires of the same brand, which is used for internal wiring of electricity.

Connecting a double switch is desirable to produce before any finishing work in the room, otherwise you can damage the wallpaper. In principle, any repair work in the room begins with checking the wiring and replacing its elements if necessary.

How to connect: understand the principle of operation

Acquired two-button switch will belong to one of two groups - either with screw wire clips, or a switch equipped with self-clamping terminals. In the first case, the wires attached to the switch are placed in a special block and tightened with screws with U-shaped washers. Such a connection has a drawback: with frequent use, screws can self-unscrew. This is accompanied by instability triggering of the switch.It is necessary to de-energize the apartment, open the housing of the device and tighten the screws. Circuit breakers with self-clamping terminals do not have this disadvantage.

Connecting double gangway switches

So, having disassembled the case, you found fasteners, wires and keys. These are the keys that you have to manipulate in the future. The figure shows the case of a two-key switch that is to be installed in the wall.

Turn off the electricity

Work should begin in the morning or in the daytime: it is not known how long they will be, and it is always more difficult to work at dusk. First you need to turn off the electricity: unscrew / turn off the fuses on your home panel. If you have a common switchboard installed in the entrance, you must disable the button of the starting machine (remember that the position is "off" always corresponds to the DOWN position of the button). However, we have a voltage indicator, and with its help you can always check whether the voltage to the apartment is turned off. It is possible to determine the phase and neutral wires by their color: in accordance with electrical safety standards, the phase conductors must always be red and the zero wire must be blue. Thus, the switch must be in the gap of the phase conductor.

Preliminary wiring work

How to connect a double switch correctly and without violating the integrity of the electrical circuit? Consider this question. If the wires placed in the installation box have never been used before, then you should prepare them for connection. It is convenient to work with the outgoing ends of the wires not shorter than 100 mm. If their length is greater, it is necessary to shorten the ends with the help of pliers. Extension of too short ends should be carried out very carefully, since in case of poor contact the wires are heated and with a large total power of the connected and simultaneously working consumers a short circuit can occur. Therefore, the junction is carefully pressed with pliers, and then also insulated with electrical tape or electrical tape.

Next, you need to remove from the outgoing ends of the wires part of the insulation - about 15 mm, then place the wires in the corresponding terminals of the terminals. It is worth remembering (or writing down) the color of the wires - the phase (the wire that is always under voltage) is placed on the left, the other two wires - in the sockets on the opposite side.

Circuit assembly

Consider the specified sequence in relation to the connection of multi-track chandeliers. Wires from zero from the distribution panel of the contact group No. 1 and from the contact group No. 2 must be interconnected. The second wire - phase, also from the switchboard connects the wire that goes further to the common contact of the switch.

We are attentive to the color of the wires: the phase wire for the contact group No. 1 will be the wire of one color, and the phase wire for the contact group No. 2 will be another. Accordingly, the first wire should be connected to the phase wire of one group of lamps of the chandelier, and the second one - to another group of lamps.

Now we should deal with the connection of the wire going to the common contact - its color should not coincide with the color of the phase wires. In the junction box, the phase conductors must be connected to their consumer groups.

Next, attach the zero wire. This wire coming from the distribution box in the box is connected to the zero wire from the chandelier lamps. Consequently, the two-button switch will connect only the phases of both groups of consumers.

Since a sufficiently large number of connections are obtained in a junction box, which are located close to each other, it is necessary to consider the safety of their mutual location. This can be done in two ways: either twist it carefully, and then also press the sections of the wire connections, or carefully solder them. It is important to note that at normal humidity in a room of 60 ... 70%, solder joints oxidize with time and their electrical conductivity decreases. Therefore, twisting, though looking at least inconspicuously, is more reliable (especially since it is in the box and is not visible). Now you know how to connect a double switch in accordance with the electrical circuit diagram.

Install the connected node in the case

Double pass-through switch is located in the installation box. This should be done carefully, since the main installation wires are usually quite rigid. They should be slightly bent to the base of the installed switch, and then fasten it to the wall of the room. Next, you need to put a decorative frame on the case (if any), insert a block with keys into the slots on the case and make sure that it is securely connected to the switch body.You can check the connection of double pass-through switches using a voltage indicator. This is an inexpensive tool that can be easily purchased at any hardware store, it will always come in handy on the farm.

Connection of the double switch with the socket

In some cases, it requires the installation of a panel that includes not only a switch, but also an outlet. Double switch with a socket is easy to find on the shelves of our stores. At connection it is necessary to lay an additional part of the wire from the switch to the outlet. It is attached in the same way as the wiring in the junction box. Especially you should check the quality of the clip, because at the outlet power consumers can be significantly higher.

Connection of the double switch with the socket

After completion of the work, you can put on a decorative cover and check the operability of the connection as a whole.

Connecting double gangway switches

Remember about safety

In consumer electrical networks AC electrical safety should be given increased attention. This is especially true for rooms with high humidity (in particular: a porch - for an individual house, a bathroom and a cellar - for an apartment building).If it is necessary to replace a light bulb, it is not enough just to click the switch. If the light bulb is hanging high enough, and you need to use a stepladder (for example, an aluminum ladder), in no case should you install it on a wet floor. It is necessary to lay a rubber mat between the racks of the ladder and the surface of the floor, and only then touch the lamp holder.

Now you know how to connect a double switch.

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