How to choose a heart rate monitor for running: expert advice and feedback on manufacturers

The heart rate monitor is a very useful gadget that allows you to monitor your heart rate during physical exertion, for example, when jogging or walking, cycling and so on. It will be useful not only to people who are professionally involved in sports, but also to simple lovers of exercise. Thanks to him, you can monitor your health at workouts, plan the optimal load on the body for maximum effect from the exercises and much more.

Bracelet-heart rate monitor will monitor the work of the heart and tell you in time if you need to reduce the load or increase.

What is the device for?

Given the age of a person and his physical training, each has its own heart rate parameters. They are calculated as follows:

  • Men - 220 minus age.
  • Females - 226 and take away age.

All training and sports exercises that strengthen the cardiovascular system should be carried out with a pulse of 50-60% of the maximum allowable value, fat burning exercises - 60-70%, development of the respiratory tract and endurance - 70-80% and speed indicators - 80-90%.

Just for control over training moments, a heart rate monitor was invented for running, which can be used for other disciplines. It measures a person’s pulse during exercise and beeps when you need to slow down or increase.

In addition to its main function, the sports heart rate monitor can be used as a wristwatch, alarm clock, timer or stopwatch.

Thanks to this adaptation it is possible to make plans for training loads that will not be harmful to health, but benefit.

bracelet heart rate monitor

Pulsometer: reviews

Reading the opinions of people about this device, you come to the conclusion that the device is very useful for those who regularly exercise, especially for beginners. After all, it helps to find out in which zone of the pulse a person is currently located. And those models that "more abruptly", show the distance of the run, they can pre-set the parameters of training.The heart rate monitor for running will prompt you with various pictures and sounds, what happens and how it affects your health.

For which sports can I use a heart rate bracelet? First of all, the device is used for running, but it can also be used for Nordic walking with sticks, cross-country race, long-distance jumping, cycling, as well as in skiing disciplines.

But for power fitness, bodybuilding or short-distance running, the device is not very suitable. For these sports, a system of approaches is important, with some pauses between them.

heart rate monitor for running

How to choose a device?

There are various sensors that differ in their appearance and functionality. There is a sports heart rate monitor, putting on a finger or ear. Some should be touched with a finger so that they measure the frequency of heartbeats. However, their main disadvantage is inaccurate frequency measurement and inconvenience in use.

Therefore, the best option would be a heart rate monitor on hand.

If you choose a device based on a set of different functions, then most of its capabilities will be useful only to a professional athlete or collector.

The main function of the heart rate monitor is heart rate measurement, control over the time it takes to complete circles, and the preservation of indicators. It would also be nice to choose a model that, among other things, gives information about the consumption of calories and fats in the process of training.

High-quality and reliable device

Quality and reliability - these are the basic properties that a good machine should possess. Therefore, you should purchase accessories from proven manufacturers who produce excellent products. This can be either a bracelet or a heart rate monitor. The main thing that he responded to his stated capabilities.

Price of the device

When choosing this useful mechanism, it is necessary to take into account that the sellers will try to sell the goods as expensive as possible, but we will look for something that is cheaper. With one or another option, you can make a serious mistake when you buy an expensive device, but 2/3 of its functions are not needed, and the cheap version will show inaccurate information and quickly fail.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the principle: high-quality and functional heart rate monitor for running at a reasonable cost.

sports heart rate monitor

Types of fixtures

Most of these mechanisms consist of a bracelet set and a sensor. The sensors are made in the form of a soft tape, which is fixed in the region of the heart or they are put on a finger or earlobe with a clip. But as mentioned above, such options are inconvenient to use. The most common heart rate monitor, reviews of which have a positive side, is the one whose sensor is soldered into the bracelet itself, which has a graphic display.

And although there are a lot of models of such devices, they are all divided into two types: with wires and without wires.

Wired devices

In this model, the sensor is connected to the bracelet by flexible wiring. At first glance, such a device is inconvenient, but it has an indisputable advantage — it only measures your heart rate and heart rate data during operation, since the signal is shielded with a wire and it does not mix with other radio signals from people in the gym or on the sports field, who may also have similar mechanism. Information from the transmitter is shown accurately and consistently.

hand heart rate monitor

Wireless Instruments

This heart rate monitor works at a wireless frequency, which allows you to feel more comfortable while driving.Such mechanisms are well suited to engage in this sport, in which often have to change body position, like aerobics, step, fitness and so on.

But it should be borne in mind that if somewhere nearby there are people who have such a wireless device, the signal will be mixed with their data, which means there will be no accuracy in the readings.

There are expensive wireless models that come with a coded signal. Though they are well worth it, but nothing interferes with their accuracy of information transfer.

Extra options

Although all heart rate monitors, cheap and expensive, perform their basic function, but when choosing this mechanism, it is advisable to pay attention to other possibilities.

When buying a device, you should give preference to proven and popular brands. This does not mean that you need to buy expensive products. We must first be interested in a set of goods of a company. If the company mainly produces household appliances, and heart rate monitors are represented by one or two models, then it is better to choose the manufacturer who is seriously and for a long time engaged in the production of such devices.

Time and Pulse Count

Popular in our time are becoming a wireless watch with a heart rate monitor. Outwardly, they look like ordinary electronic clocks, only functions have much more.

Calorie accounting

In addition, watches with a heart rate monitor provide almost accurate data on calories burned. Why "almost"? Because the device calculates the standard parameters of the pulse rate and calories used, without taking into account the individual characteristics of the human body.

Special sound signals

This function is necessary for those people whose health requires special attention to the work of the heart. When the permissible parameters of the pulse rate are exceeded, the device emits a loud beep with vibration.

Pulsometer for running and communication with other devices

Most modern devices that monitor the frequency of the heart, have built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which make it possible to transfer information from a heart rate monitor to a mobile phone or computer.

Many choose this model, as it allows you to create and save a history of workouts and calories burned. To do this on the smartphone,tablet or PC to install a special program that records all the data during and after each workout, so you can analyze your progress.

Such applications are often referred to as “personal digital trainers”, helping to monitor major changes in health status, calorie intake, and more.

And now for the brief descriptions of popular heart rate monitors.

polar heart rate monitor

The device company "Polar"

The pulsator Polar has a rich functionality for athletes who not only ride bicycles, but also do jogging and other cardio exercises. This device can be worn not only on the arm, but also mounted on the handlebars. This is a mini-computer designed to serve any athlete.

Pulsometer Polar has the following features:

  • communication with a PC or smartphone;
  • accounting for heart rate as a percentage of the maximum or beats per minute;
  • calculates the energy consumption for a single workout, and for a week or the entire session, fat burning is also taken into account;
  • counter circles (no more than 50);
  • all functions of electronic wrist watch.

This device has many other useful functions that are individually configured by each user.

heart rate monitor

Sigma Fixture

Pulsometer Sigma is the most common model of such inventions. It is perfect for all young athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The use of this device will allow you to monitor the progress of training, to control the load.

The described device has a stylish sporty look, is equipped with a calorie sensor and reads the human pulse with high accuracy.

The Sigma heart rate monitor has the following functions:

  • possesses an individual “trainer” who helps determine the optimal levels of exercise and the duration of the exercises;
  • information about the state of the body takes from three areas of the body;
  • supports menus in five languages;
  • Included are bike mounts, chest cardiac sensor and batteries.

Also in this device there are additional features that are configured individually.

heart rate monitor beurer


Always be aware of the effectiveness and efficiency of training, determine the required load, calculate the energy spent and save on your mobile device - all this will help to make the Beurer heart rate monitor.

It has the following capabilities:

  • has a built-in heart rate LED;
  • very accurately measures the heartbeat;
  • determines the average and maximum level of the pulse;
  • calculates spent calories of energy and ounces of fat;
  • built-in physical health test;
  • automatic preparation of training loads;
  • shows time, date;
  • set the stopwatch and alarm;
  • allows you to calculate the run time up to 50 laps;
  • waterproof case up to 30 meters.

All of the above devices are proven and reliable devices that can serve their owners for a long time and correctly, not only in the form of a medical device, but also as a stylish watch.


Summarizing all the above, we conclude that the heart rate monitor for running is really a necessary and useful thing. The creators of these mechanisms in the manufacture of thought not only about the external beauty, but also about the functionality. After all, they can be used not only by a professional athlete, but also by an ordinary person engaged in their health.

To protect your body from overload, to protect the heart from excessive efforts is one of the capabilities of the device, which is called a heart rate monitor.Recommendations from people tell us that this mechanism helps not only to monitor the pulse rate, but also to optimize exercise and exercise for maximum effect.

Most people, especially women, emphasize that thanks to the heart rate monitor, they began to lose weight faster, get less tired and spend extra energy on unnecessary movements. Yes, and professional masters of sports emphasize the great benefit of this device.

Using it, you save on coaches, but the effect of this is not lost. The only problem with these devices is a large set of various functions: from medical to computer, which at first it will be difficult to figure out. But this is only at first, and then, after the benefits of the pulsometer capabilities become obvious, everything will be set up easily and simply.

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