How to choose a computer chair?

For those who work or study at home, it is very important to organize the workplace. You need to choose a comfortable table, set up a proper lighting and find a good one. In such a chair, the back remains healthy, it is comfortable to sit in it, it is easy to adjust. Let's take a closer look at how to choose a computer chair and where you can buy it.

Where to buy a computer chair?

A large selection of good models offers the store Buyers will appreciate the wide range and affordable prices. Here there are models for every taste and for different purposes - you can buy a chair for a child or adult, for home, office and conference room. The site contains options with different features: economy versions, with a plastic or wooden crosspiece, with a headrest and armrest, without armrests, with a swing mechanism, ergonomic, with a chrome crosspiece.

What to look for when choosing?

Body and filler

Most often, metal or plastic is used to manufacture the body of such seats - both materials are good, but the metal, due to its strength, is more durable.Furniture foam rubber acts as a filler: sitting comfort will depend on its quality, density and distribution.


For upholstery used leatherette, leather and fabric. You can choose any material available to you, provided that it is strong, durable and of high quality.

  • For woven upholstery used synthetic material. For inexpensive chairs choose cloth, similar to burlap. Polyolefin is highly durable and wear-resistant, easy to clean and maintains a decent look for a long time. Microfiber is an excellent modern material with a lot of advantages, ideal for a chair. The fabric of the TW series has excellent breathability.
  • Artificial leather is close in cost to woven materials, and it is also easy and simple to care for. Leatherette can have PVC or polyurethane coating. This material is not afraid of moisture, wear-resistant, perfectly imitates natural leather. Among the minuses - cracking in the bends and poor moisture conductivity. Ecoskin is notable for its great perfection and adaptability, wear resistance and frost resistance, it breathes well, does not crack, has a pleasant to the touch and elastic structure, and is also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • Genuine leather is the most expensive material.Differs in comfort, safety, hypoallergenic and environmental friendliness. It is divided into two groups: standard and luxury. The standard has a greater thickness, roughness and resistance to mechanical damage, but it has insufficient elasticity and quickly loses its shape. The lux are made of better quality raw materials, but this material is more capricious in the care, more exposed to the external effects and less hygroscopic.


It is better to choose a model with a mobile design, which can be adjusted by choosing the most comfortable position. In such chairs, you can change the height, tilt of the seat, synchronize the backrest and armrests, use gas lift.


Certain computer chairs have lateral support, due to which the load on the muscles and the spine can be reduced. The headrest will add comfort when working, take care of the neck, thickening at the edge of the seat and footrest will reduce the load on the limbs. The width of the seat and the height of the back should be chosen individually: for a child the main thing is comfort and that the back should remain straight, the office worker needs a high back.

Armrests - a definite plus for the chair, their height allows you to freely place your hands, but at the same time elbows should not rest on them. Most modern models allow you to adjust the position and height of the chair.

Thanks to the swing mechanism in the chair, you can move a little and stretch your legs without getting up from it. In expensive chairs you can also find the function of the built-in massager.

General recommendations for selection

  • For upholstery is to choose a hygroscopic material. It will absorb moisture well, and you will not have a feeling of sticking to the material, which is especially important when the room is located on the south side and there is a hot summer outside.
  • The head rest should keep your head comfortable and help your neck muscles to relax.
  • Armrests should be well regulated in width and height, as well as reduce tension in the cervical vertebrae and shoulders.
  • A big plus is the presence of a special thickening on the back of the chair. They are necessary in order to evenly distribute the pressure in the chair over the whole body and support the back in the lower back.
  • Thick side edges on the seat help to take a more comfortable position.

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