How to choose a baby carriage?

When the family is expected joyful replenishment, it's time to pick up the right things, including a comfortable and high-quality baby carriage. To get the best, it is useful to study the types of modern wheelchairs and pay attention to the important points when choosing in the store.

Types of modern baby strollers

Modern strollers for children can be divided into the following types:

  1. Bed-cradle. These are small models on wheels, in which you can fold the bed and remove the cradle. This stroller is convenient to carry on the road, but it can weigh a lot - about 18 kg. Also, the cradle usually has a large size, which causes difficulties for transportation. This stroller is more suitable for those who have their own home and use a private car.
  2. Stroller. Good for newborns and three year olds. This stroller is easy and convenient to fold, making it easy to carry in the trunk of a car or in public transport. Also in it you can easily change the angle of inclination, and a warming cape will create additional comfort for the child.
  3. The transforming carriage is one of the best modern options.It can be used as an option for walking, as well as a crib for sleeping and a baby car seat. It is easy to change the direction, the position of the back and the angle of inclination. The only negative is the small height of the stroller.
  4. The universal carriage is a hybrid of a stroller, a cradle and a car seat. This option allows you to install on a special chassis any of the three options listed above. Universal strollers are compact and lightweight.
  5. Three-wheeled carriages are suitable for walking on various roads, including cross-country terrain. Such models have a handbrake and are wide enough.
  6. Strollers for twins - a convenient and economical option, has the same functions as the pleasure model. It is easy to fold such a stroller, as well as adjust the slope of its back.

Choosing a stroller: important points

The stroller can be purchased at a special store or ordered online. For example, baby carriages on are of good quality and excellent functionality, if you wish, you can choose a suitable model from those presented.

Consider the following points:

  1. Small wheels will allow you to better manage the stroller, it is more convenient to use them in the warm season. Large wheels provide high throughput, so they should be used in the winter. Check the model on a small section of the road to find out how well it moves, if its wheels creak, etc.
  2. The stroller should be light and comfortable, so weight is another important criterion, especially if it is assumed that only a woman will walk with the child. To understand how the carriage fits your weight, try lifting it, moving it over steps or a threshold.
  3. Consider the size of the stroller - it should go well into the elevator, through the door, into the transport. Especially important is the width of the model.
  4. Seat is important. It should not be too soft, so as not to sag under the weight, but it is not too hard. There must be a comfortable headrest to keep your head in the correct position.
  5. Protective functions. For exterior upholstery you need to use materials that do not pass moisture. Also, the stroller should have a special cape and visor to protect the child from bad weather.
  6. Having a basket for luggage is a great advantage that parents will appreciate. It is sure to come in handy for storing baby’s things, also it is good in the case of buying groceries.

Of course, an important point for any stroller is its safety and reliability. There must be good seat belts that secure the child. All clips and removable parts and clips must be in good condition.

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