How to change your voice: practical tips

Voice is one of the communication tools. Its timbre and pitch can form an opinion about a person, especially now, when telephone communication is taken for granted. You have to admit that the sales manager, who has a pleasant sonorous voice and well-delivered diction and speech, even when talking on the phone, wants to buy his goods. And what can we say about the timbres of famous singers who can “get” the stadiums of fans, just singing one line. So the voice can have great power.

how to change voiceWays

But if by nature you got the average version of vocal, and the voice is silent, quiet or unpleasant, you should not despair. There are many techniques for changing voice. This does not mean that as a result you will be able to sing arias in a bass with the initial clues, but to make the voice beautiful you are quite capable.


Before you search for techniques, how to change your voice, you need to carefully consider why you need it and what result you want to achieve.It is necessary to set realistic goals - let's say in order to learn how to sing classical operatic things correctly, you need to spend more than one year on lessons with a vocal teacher. And for a simple singing in karaoke, it is enough to take a short course of posing a voice. The same applies to changes in tonality - in order to raise or lower the voice by several tones, you need to spend time, effort, and perhaps even survive the operation on the vocal cords. Therefore, changing the voice costs slightly, mainly to achieve the following goals:

  1. Give the voice depth and intonation saturation, if by nature it is dull and does not attract attention.
  2. Make the voice a little rougher if you are a man, and after the teenage period the voice remained too high.
  3. Learn the correct diction to work more effectively, in those cases if your work is connected with persuasion of people, a large number of communication or other voice manipulations.

how to change the voice timbreHow to change the voice in these cases?

The first and simplest solution is to turn to speech specialists. These teachers are preparing announcers, DJs radio stations, actors,and in recent years, they are also in demand during election campaigns, in large firms or the press services, where it is necessary to deliver a speech to a future candidate or any other person who often has to talk a lot to the camera.

Second method

Another way to change your voice is to do it yourself. Often say with a mouthful of proverbs and tongue twisters. More to read out loud - because the more often you train your vocal cords, the more plastic they become, and the easier it is to make the timbre higher or lower using them. There is another way to change the voice: it helps to expand the range of the formulation of proper breathing in yoga classes. Speech will not seem confused, and you will not suffocate when you have to talk a lot.

how can i change my voiceAnother option

For men, there is also a lot of ways how to change the timbre of the voice, making it low and hoarse. You can specifically zasuzhivat ligament, for example, cold milk. The systematic smoking and drinking of alcohol makes the voice lower, but remember that these methods can harm your health. Another way to make it sonorous and low is to strain the ligaments with all your might.They will hurt, but the timbre will be pleasant, with a slight hoarse. In general, everything is in your hands. These methods can really help those whose voice does not sound beautiful and impressive.

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