How to celebrate New Year fun - examples and tips

New Year is the favorite holiday of absolutely all people. No wonder, because it is long, colorful, noisy and fabulous. How and where is fun and original to make the celebration fun and memorable?

Undoubtedly, young children get the greatest impressions of the New Year. What could be better than the children's perception of the mysterious New Year's Eve. Christmas gifts appear under the Christmas tree, the long-awaited Santa Claus, pleasant surprises and delicious sweets.

Children are having fun and singing songs, rolling on ice slides, playing and under the supervision of their parents launching fireworks. Only parents will create a festive New Year mood for the child. In this they help limitless imagination, sincere love, and the desire to give the baby a New Year's fairy tale.

In order to not be bored on New Year's Eve, order an entertainment program. Music and dancing will set your family team in the right way.In the most prominent place, put the symbol of the next year - a beautiful statuette. At the same time, it does not matter what size it will be and what materials it is made of. It is important that she was present.

It is no secret that the New Year is a holiday of good mood and gifts. For this reason, take the phone, telephone relatives and friends, and congratulate them. For loved ones, be sure to prepare original New Year's surprises. They will give them a lot of pleasant feelings in the new year and will make the New Year holidays unforgettable.

We celebrate the New Year together

Many people celebrate the New Year together. They have to worry, because in case of poor preparation, the holiday can be boring.

The year was very tense, at the end of December many important things gathered, and the New Year mood, unfortunately, was absent. Despite this, it is possible to organize the New Year so that it will be remembered for a long time.

7 original ways to meet

To create a festive mood in the new year, first of all, decorate the apartment. Doing it in a hurry is not recommended. It is better to choose one evening and do not rush to do the decoration of their homes.

  1. Dressing up the Christmas tree, be sure to indulge in childhood memories concerning the New Year. This will allow you to get to know each other from the touching side and you, no matter how hard to guess, will become closer.
  2. Decoration of the Christmas tree is not worth it. The fact is that in all the rooms of your apartment there should be a festive atmosphere. For decorating rooms, use pine or spruce twigs, balls and electric lights, and for the New Year's Eve prepare candles. If there are no pets and children in your family, you can place candles in various places.
  3. Arrange aromatic lamps with citrus or pine oil throughout the apartment. They will fill the house with wonderful New Year smells. As a result, the holiday will be truly New Year's.

We recommend to take a few minutes and discuss what you both expect from the New Year's Eve. If the New Year's scenario will be based only on ideas about the holiday of one person, you will be disappointed with the holiday.

Responsibilities are better divided. In this case, you will be able to actively participate in preparing for the New Year, buy all the necessary products and do not miss anything.

Be sure to prepare each other New Year's gifts. In the conditions of modern life, not everyone can buy an expensive gift. Nevertheless, the price of the present for the New Year is not important, its presence is important.

Together make a New Year's menu. If you do not like cooking, you should not spoil your holiday by standing at the gas stove. Get together, go shopping and buy ready-made New Year's salads, snacks and sweets.

It remains to wait for the next New Year holidays and implement their knowledge into practice.

How to organize New Year at home

Some people celebrate the New Year abroad, and some people like to visit relatives on New Year's holidays. However, there are people who like to celebrate the holiday at home. Would you like to join the last category? Then read about celebrating the New Year at home, in our article.

It is not difficult to guess that the organization of the New Year holiday at home is troublesome. We will tell you how to organize a New Year holiday so that it turns out to be interesting, fabulous and memorable for all family members.

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Undoubtedly, any holiday should have an organizer.If you are not afraid of a big responsibility, you can immediately begin the procedure of preparation. Otherwise, you may not have time.

  1. Buy or sew your own clothes for the New Year. In this case, each member of your friendly family will have their own role. If there are many children in the family, the New Year will be especially fun. By dressing up the children, you will provide the house with a cheerful laugh that will lift your spirits. After the distribution of roles among family members, start celebrating.
  2. Prepare games and contests for the New Year in advance. They will dilute the festive feast. However, during the selection of options, be careful, because not every game is suitable. Here in this article you will find the best games and contests for the New Year.
  3. Be sure to decorate the room in which your family celebrates the New Year. In the apartment hang colorful rain and bright lights, and scatter confetti on the floor. This will bring a festive atmosphere to the apartment. In this case, decorate the Christmas tree is recommended by the whole family.
  4. By organizing a festive table, approach the original. After serving, set your favorite dishes on the table.Delight your loved ones with an original dessert, for example, a classic mannica cake. This will help the trio, consisting of imagination, logic and ingenuity.
  5. Do not hide gifts under the tree. In our time, this approach is extremely banal. It is better to hide the gifts in the room where you celebrate the New Year. Wrap the gift in advance in gift paper and sign it. In addition, each family member offer to find a gift. It will kill time and amuse the company.
  6. Earlier we mentioned a Christmas tree. It needs to be decorated in a special way. Each family member can independently make a New Year's toy. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what material it is made of. The main thing is that he took an active part in organizing the family New Year's holiday.
  7. On New Year's Eve, be sure to go out and take a walk. If you wish, light the sparklers or fireworks. If the plans present blasting firecrackers, do it with extreme caution on a sober head.
  8. If you are afraid that New Year's Eve will be too sad, invite your friends.

Finally, we add that it is better to celebrate the New Year with a clear mind and a sober head.If you try hard, in this state you can live a whole year. Moreover, it will relieve from unnecessary troubles and problems and will make the New Year holidays truly unforgettable.

How the Chinese meet the New Year

To begin with, the Chinese New Year is considered a family holiday. For this reason, it is accepted that all family members should attend the holiday table. If someone did not come, for him at the festive table necessarily cover the place. An interesting custom, right? That's not all. For a start, it is not superfluous to know when the New Year is in China.

  1. On the Chinese New Year's table to see meat dishes will not work. The inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom believe that they scare away good luck. Dishes made from mushrooms, fruits and vegetables are always relevant. At the festive table, sweets are necessarily present in a wide range. The Chinese believe that this will make the coming year sweet.
  2. According to Chinese tradition, on the first day of the coming year, people burn various incenses and pay special attention to launching fireworks. There is an opinion that this well repels evil spirits, attracts happiness and true peace to the family.If there are no firecrackers and fireworks, the Chinese make noise using well-jingle home objects. After exorcism of evil spirits, windows are necessarily covered up so that they will not return.
  3. At the end of the first day of the coming year, the doors open slightly, because at this time the good deities are returning home from the world of spirits. Family members are obliged to pay tribute to their ancestors. On the first day of the year, they bypass friends and acquaintances, distribute New Year's gifts to them, wish good luck and happiness.
  4. The next morning, the children congratulate their parents, wishing them happiness and good health. In return, they receive red paper envelopes, in which in most cases there is money.

Many Chinese families perform a ritual for good luck. According to the Chinese, he attracts well-being and good fortune to the family. With the advent of the new moon, the doors are opened and 108 oranges are rolled into the house. Fruits are distributed into the rooms, except for the toilet and bathroom.

It is good if children participate in the ritual, since children's laughter attracts positive energy. During the movement of oranges on the floor, they call home luck, love, health and money.

How to meet the Old New Year

Soon Old New Year.As you know, it is celebrated according to the old calendar. For this reason, the holiday is so called. Recall that the ancestors assigned to this holiday another name - Generous Evening.

In the old days, people celebrated the New Year, following the old calendar. In our time, this date falls on January 13th. From the ancestors we have received many customs, traditions and will. According to them, in the coming year, the real magic can only be the person who managed to follow a number of rules.

Note that the generous evening compatriots celebrate after the so-called Christmas Lent. This means that on the table there should be various delicacies, the taste of which during the post is prohibited to enjoy. According to folk signs, holiday food is prepared not from fish or poultry, but from pork. Otherwise, joy and happiness may irrevocably float away or fly away.

In the Old New Year prepare lean holiday kutyu. Ancestors added lard to this dish, which indicated the material well-being of the owners of the house and their generosity.

According to experts, meeting this holiday, you need to adhere to the customs and traditions of ancestors, which were passed from one generation to another. Now we will talk about them in more detail.

  1. If you intend to make pies, make them with a few surprises. True, be sure to warn guests. The man who gets a surprise, opens the curtain of the future. For example, the found penny symbolizes wealth, the thread - the road, and the ring - marriage.
  2. Guests who visit your accommodation in Generous evening, be sure to feed. Otherwise, greed will be the reason why in the new year you miss luck and happiness.
  3. Some people put a sheaf of wheat in their homes on Holy Day. The next morning, take it outside and organize a holiday bonfire. Jump through the burning sheaf must be carefully. In this way, the ancestors cleansed the body of negative energy and expelled evil spirits.
  4. After cleansing, people go home and sing. According to the ancestors, this calls for material well-being into the house, and family affairs are accompanied by success throughout the year.
  5. January 14, the first man should enter the house. Argued that the stronger sex brings more good than a woman.
  6. By tradition, it is customary to put up with the Old New Year for people who are at loggerheads. If the abuser asks for your forgiveness on this day, you must forgive him.
  7. On the night before Generous Evening, young girls who want to have a family, guess at their betrothed.

It seems that you can finish this article. Wait, though! We forgot about the main thing - New Year's gifts. About them also we will talk further. The outlined information will help you choose the best gifts and save the budget.

What to give for the New Year?

On the New Year, it is customary to give various gifts to parents, loved ones, friends, acquaintances and even colleagues.

  1. Love Gifts. Pleasing a loved one is not difficult. For this, it is not necessary to buy an expensive gift. Learn to present appropriate gifts, accompanying them with warm words. Romantic people often present poems. Write a few lines addressed to your loved one. They will be pleasant and well delighted him.
  2. Gifts to parents. The best gift for your beloved parents will be a thing that they can not afford. Often, for the sake of economy, people stop buying various little things. For this reason, you should not give mom slippers or kitchen accessories. It is better to give a good perfume or cream.
  3. Daddy please with a good sports suit or high-quality sneakers.Undoubtedly, he himself will not buy them. If he smokes, present a pipe with tobacco or expensive cigars. If the father is young at heart, hand over a modern exercise bike or laptop.
  4. Gifts to relatives. The list of the best gifts for relatives is presented by means of relaxation, shower gels, and shampoo. You can present a bottle of champagne, a cake or some exotic fruit.
  5. Gifts to friends. When choosing gifts for friends, consider their hobbies and hobbies. For example, if a friend is keen on fishing or hunting, visit a store that implements accessories for such a hobby. True, specify in advance if there is a thing in the arsenal of a friend that you want to buy.
  6. If a friend has pets, choose a New Year's gift is not difficult. The owner of a beautiful cat will appreciate the collar with a bow, and for a dog lover get a toy-squeaker or a tasty bone.
  7. Gifts for children. To please the children is easy. Because of spiritual simplicity, they themselves will tell what they want to receive. For the New Year holidays you can time the purchase of a kitten or puppy. In this case, the holiday will be remembered for a long time.You can teach your child a family game in which both adults and children will take part.
  8. Gifts to colleagues. To present colleagues with expensive corporate gifts is not recommended because they will feel obliged and will be in an awkward position. But the frame for a photo or a clerical trifle will please them.

To make congratulations filled for a long time, order a song on the radio and dedicate it to the people you want to congratulate. The main thing is not to miss the moment and turn on the radio.

During the selection of a New Year's gift, remember that the main thing is the attention and warmth that you present to friends and relatives. The value of the gift plays a secondary role, and in some cases is not at all important.

Make your family and friends nice, and they will answer the same.

Fireworks on the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai

Our article on the New Year has come to an end. You now know how to celebrate New Year at home with your family, together or in Chinese. Moreover, you have learned what gifts to present for the New Year holidays. We sincerely hope that the article turned out to be interesting and informative. Until new meetings and happy New Year holidays!

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