How to breed for sex?

Sex is very important in our daily life. Moreover, the instinct of self-preservation is one of the basic instincts of man. In addition, during sexual intercourse in humans, endorphins are produced - hormones of joy, which have a positive effect on the entire body. And so to know how to breed for sex, it is just necessary - at least for your health.

What is arousal?

In order to understand how to dissolve a girl for sex, first we will analyze what makes sexual desire arise in the human body.

Sexual attraction is the changes on the hormonal background of a person that occur under the influence of any sexual stimuli. During arousal, both male and female produce sex hormones - testosterone and estrogen. With the entry of these hormones into the blood, a person feels arousal. From this, blood rushes to the genitals, adrenaline is produced. Pupils expand. In men, a manifestation of arousal is an erection, in girls - an erection of the nipples and moisturizing the vagina.

That is, before you divorce a woman for sex, you need to know about the manifestation of all these signs in her, and only then seek their occurrence.

“Pickup Rules” or Neuro Linguistic Programming

People learned to control not only animals and cars, but also their own kind. Knowing the features of the psychology of men and women, you can easily learn how to breed a guy for sex or a girl. Consider the most basic rules for the removal of girls.

  1. Be confident to yourself. A woman is by nature a female. And subconsciously, she is looking for a male - strong, powerful and confident. And if in the wild it is demonstrated by fluffing feathers and fighting with other males, then it is not necessary for a person to do this. Just show that you are confident. The girl will immediately think logically that confidence should be based on something. It means that you have really achieved something, since you behave in this way. And even if this is not the case, the main thing is to show your confidence. This will be quite enough, if you think about how to breed a chick for sex for one night.
  2. Be courteous and gallant. Now the marriage games begin.Everyone has seen males groom their females? They do not give them a passage, surround with attention and care. The same must be done with a woman. Speak to her as many compliments as possible, remember all the etiquette rules that you have ever known. Open the door in front of her, move the chair back - all this will help to position the girl to yourself and win her confidence.
  3. Look straight in the eyes. From direct eye contact, goose bumps run over anyone's skin. Moreover, if you look into your eyes, you show how attentively you are listening to your interlocutor, which means that it really matters to you what she says. It will be nice to any girl. Moreover, too frank views will make it clear what you want. In this case, you do not break the rules of decency, without saying a word about sex. But the meaning will be conveyed. So with a direct look, you will kill two hares with one bullet.
  4. Use aperitifs and aphrodisiacs. Aperitifs are the means that are allowed to relax. Aperitif can be alcohol, hookah, maybe even some drugs, if the girl does not mind. And aphrodisiacs are agents aimed at sexual arousal.In addition to chemicals that are very harmful, there are also natural aphrodisiacs, for example, pomegranate juice, wormwood (which is absinthe), tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus sprouts.

Married sex

If you are thinking about how to divorce your wife for sex, then here you need to choose a slightly different tactic. As a rule, family relationships in general and sex life in particular fall apart due to the fact that a man ceases to care for a woman as he did before. Create a romantic atmosphere, cook dinner by candlelight, using natural aphrodisiacs from the previous paragraph. Take care of your wife, give her a compliment - and she will definitely give in to you. Especially, who knows his wife better, no matter how you? Perhaps she likes more when you are assertive. Walk to her in an unusual place - in the kitchen or on the balcony. Arrange a prelude, exciting its erogenous zones, and she will not be able to refuse you.


As for how to separate a sister for sex, then it all depends on the sister herself. If she is pretty open-minded and a spark has already run between you, proceed in the usual way. But, as a rule, education imposes some psychological taboos on sexual relations with relatives.It is based on a deep genetic memory of the fact that incest children are inferior.

It's clear that now you can have sex without consequences, using contraceptives. But sex with a sister is unnatural, so be extremely delicate.

Anal sex

Before you divorce for anal sex, think carefully about whether you really want it. Anal sex, unlike regular intercourse, requires careful preparation. Without it, the process will be unpleasant for both parties, as well as simply unhygienic.

Read the article on the topic of anal sex on the Internet and once again weigh the pros and cons to understand that you still need it.

If you decide, then to incline a girl to anal sex should be slowly and gradually, so that she was ready for it. Tell us that there are a lot of nerve endings in the rectum, which makes the process much nicer. Freud also spoke about the anal stage of sexual development and pleasant sensations in the area of ​​the anus.

Removal rules for girls

Representatives of the weaker sex, as a rule, do not need to make a lot of effort to get a guy for sex.

  • Men "love the eyes." Decollete and miniskirts will help you with this.
  • Eye contact. Reports sexual intent.
  • Demonstration of erogenous zones. Demonstrate the neck, wrists, knees and ankles - they have been considered to be intimate parts of the body and erogenous zones since ancient times.
  • Facial expressions and flirting. Shoot your eyes, bulge, lick and bite your lips, drawing attention to them.

To divorce someone for sex is, in fact, absolutely not difficult. It is much more difficult to “dissolve” someone for a long-term and warm relationship.

I wish you happiness, love and patience!

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