How to breathe correctly?

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How to breathe correctly?

Proper breathing is undoubtedly a guarantee of true health. You need to breathe correctly, not only by doing exercises or talking from the stage, but also in everyday life. It is scientifically proven that full breathing is usually not available to everyone. It depends on the state of the respiratory system, on the work of the heart and on many other things. In our article we will try to figure out how to breathe properly. We will talk about running exercises, about swimming, about physical exercises for building muscle, and also about how to breathe properly at birth. Let's get started

How to breathe when running?

Proper breathing while running is purely individual. One way may ideally suit one runner, but it may even be harmful to another. Proper breathing while running gives us, above all, endurance. The more efficiently and effectively we breathe, the greater the distance we will be able to run.

Breathe through the diaphragm and lower abdomen. It is more effective than breathing the upper part of the chest.It is usually advised to try this method of breathing first. You need to take a deep breath and inflate the stomach, then gently exhale the air from the lungs. Spend a few minutes on this exercise, after which you can proceed to the run.

How to breathe when swimming?

It is no secret that the success of swimming depends entirely on proper breathing. To develop the ability to breathe correctly there are some good exercises. Here they are:

  • Stay still in the water.
  • Holding your breath, immerse your face in water.
  • We need to make two smooth and calm waving hands.
  • When you make the second stroke with your hands, that is, the stroke, you need to gently exhale the air into the water, but not completely.
  • Exhalation of air must end above the surface of the water. Accordingly, at the end of the second stroke you should lift your head smoothly out of the water, without interrupting the process of exhalation of air.
  • Breathe in the fresh air and repeat the whole cycle again.
  • After practicing a little on the spot, try using this type of breathing while swimming.

Exercise "float". It is often used to teach children to swim.

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Dive into the water with your head with a squat.
  • Wrap your knees with your hands.
  • Count to 15 and ascend.

And one more useful exercise:

  • Stand in the water so that your mouth is in close proximity to the water.
  • You can rest your hands on your knees for convenience.
  • Take a deep breath and lower your face into the water.
  • During exhalation, it is necessary to start gradually lifting the face out of the water so that the last part of the exhalation falls into the space above the water.
  • Repeat the exercise in the rhythm of your normal breathing.
  • On the first lesson, do the exercise 10-15 times, and the next lesson - from 20 to 30 times.

How to breathe when pushing up?

The well-known fact is that all famous and not very gymnasts and bodybuilders know that their success depends on proper breathing. It is also known that abnormal breathing during exercise leads to problems in the cardiovascular system. So, how to breathe properly when pushing up:

  • When lowering down, breathe in the stomach.
  • Imagine your belly is a ball. Try to inflate it.
  • When climbing up, slowly exhale.
  • Exhalation occurs at the moment when your muscles are at the maximum degree of tension.

This way of breathing is used by all professional athletes, since it cannot be avoided. Make sure that when pushing up your body is slightly strained. Make sure there is no back arching. Apply effort as much as the exercise requires, but no more. Pushups should be performed using a system of approaches and in the correct rhythm of breathing. Between approaches should take breaks.

How to breathe correctly when pulling up?

It is known that pulling up is one of the most difficult exercises. Many people catch up a lot of times, but they do it incorrectly. Breath occupies a dominant role in pulling up. In no case can not hold your breath while pulling up. This can seriously affect the health of the cardiovascular system. How to pull up?

  • You should never climb the crossbar with a jump. This imposes a large and unnecessary strain on the muscles, as they receive a sharp influence at the moment when the whole body falls on them in its mass.
  • Climb the crossbar using a horizontal bar step or by placing a chair under your feet.
  • The position of the body is this: the socks are stretched slightly forward and down, the legs are straight, the chin tends to the chest.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Start pulling up on your arms while performing a smooth exhalation.
  • Reaching the crossbar, you need to gently drop down and quietly exhale.

If you still can not pull up a large number of times, then coaches usually advise not to complete push-ups first, but to use breathing correctly. That is, you should pull up to the middle of the path. Doing this exercise several times, you need to increase the load and pull up to the end. Pull up without a breakthrough, as it is very harmful for the proper functioning of the muscles.

How to breathe during childbirth?

We can not share our experience, because it is simply not there. Therefore, we will provide recommendations of experts.

First of all, you need to know that you need to prepare your respiratory system before birth. And how to breathe during labor?

Slow breathing:

  • This type is suitable for the beginning of labor, and is sometimes used for the whole process of childbirth.
  • In each new fight, you need to make a deep cleansing breath.
  • Then you need to take a full breath.
  • The same must be done at the end of the fight.

Another way of proper breathing during childbirth, it is used when the intensity and time of labor increase:

  • At the beginning of the fight, take a full breath, then a full breath.
  • This is followed by shallow breathing, in short portions.
  • The tip of the tongue should be pressed to the roots of the upper teeth.
  • By the end of the contraction, breathing becomes less frequent.
  • At the very end, make a cleansing exhalation and a full breath.

In order to fully understand the principle of respiration during childbirth, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Dear reader, breathe properly.

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