How to break a coconut: different ways and tips

Becoming a lover of tropical exotic fruits is very easy. One has only to try once, for example, real coconut milk or pulp that melts in the mouth, which is under a hard peel - “gourmet” is guaranteed! Lovers of bananas, oranges or kiwi much easier to be content with delicacies - just enough to peel. But not everyone knows how to break a coconut, especially if there are no special devices at hand. This will be discussed in this article.

how to break a coconut

How to break a coconut to preserve tasty milk?

Before dividing the nut into pieces, it is necessary to drain the liquid inside. Usually, holes in the dent on one of the ends of the fetus are punched for this. As a rule, there is no special work and effort required. Just push it in with some hard object - and the improvised watering can is ready. But not everyone can make a hole and get the juice without loss. Then you have to start splitting the whole fruit.To get the most carefully collect the milk, you can act in one of the ways:

- holding the nut in the palm of your hand, place a wide cup under your hand into which milk will flow after splitting the fruit;

- place the coconut in a plastic bag and tie it tightly - so it will be a miracle container in which the milk is collected.

how to break a coconut

We break a nut after draining the liquid

Assume that the stage for obtaining coconut milk was successful. Now you can safely proceed to the breakdown of the nut. For this, it is better to use a wide and fairly heavy sword-ax as the most successful weapon (photo 3). Pre-apply a cross mark on the nut with a sharp side. Then wrap a jagged edge to the coconut. How to break a coconut quickly and safely? An important condition is not the force of impact on the nut, but sharpness and clarity. It is because of the jerky cut that the peel will split. Such a small crack will be enough to divide the nut into two parts, spreading them to the sides with their hands. For added convenience, if the milk is drained through the hole, place the fruit firmly on a dense surface, and then proceed.It is worth remembering that the use of sharp objects is very dangerous, because they can jump off the hand with which you hold the nut. Therefore, more often prefer safer ways, especially if they do not know how to break the coconut at home.

how to break a coconut without a hammer

Below are not quite the usual ways of dividing a coconut into pieces and useful, a kind of secret advice.

How to break a coconut with other guns? Advice

What other ways are there to divide a nut into pieces? If it is not possible to punch holes in a dense shell with ordinary sharp objects, an electric drill will come to the rescue. First, drill one hole from the end to drain the milk, and then several more (with a smaller diameter) along the previously marked transverse line. The distance between the points should be no more than 1.5-2 cm from each other. After this, apply sharp marks with a sharp object (with a hatchet or a heavy knife) on the marks - and the nut will immediately split into pieces. Is it possible and how to break a coconut without a hammer and other devices? Try an unusual way to provide a short heat treatment of the fetus.

how to break a coconut at home

We open the coconut "bare hands": the secrets

It turns out that there is a rather simple but effective way of how to divide a nut into two halves. And no tools for this will be needed. It's all about pre-processing coconut. You just need to warm it up, after which the shell spontaneously or under a small tapping will give an initial crack. So turn the oven on to medium temperature. Place a nut on the wire rack and place in the oven for 15 minutes. A similar heating can be carried out using a microwave oven. But at the same time the coconut must be already without milk. Put the warm fruit on a wooden board and apply a light blow in the form of tapping. Coconut will easily crack. After pressing the bursting area, the nut will crack. The originality of the idea is that you should not turn off the oven. Its thermal properties are still useful - for processing the fleshy part of the fruit.

We taste the flesh

How to remove the hard top layer and make the mass under the shell softer? It has its own special secrets. Assistants in this can serve as an oven or microwave, which have already been used previously for the disclosure of the fruit.Place the halves there and reheat. After heat treatment, the peel is easily separated from the pulp in the form of a single layer. And the internal aromatic mass will become much softer. Chop it into cubes and boldly serve it on the table!

So, put into practice all the advice received, and you will have no problems with how to break the coconut. And then dividing the nut into pieces will become as easy as clicking the seeds. Treat yourself to a tropical delicacy!

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