How to become an adult?

Before answering the question of how to become an adult, one should determine the very meaning of the word. How does it feel to be an adult, what does it mean for a person? We denote the basic qualities inherent in adults. They:

  • responsible;
  • possess self-discipline skills;
  • are independent.

Adults can set goals, overcome difficulties, make decisions. They are wise enough and learn from their mistakes, learn from each useful lesson.

How to become an adult - a responsible, organized person? Let's try to figure it out. Let us consider two cases.

A teenager who wants to become an adult sooner

Becoming an adult is the dream of many children. After all, everything is possible for adults - no one decree them. However, this, of course, is a distorted concept, and growing up, we sometimes miss our childhood, when everything was much simpler - we were cared for, we were protected. Now we are responsible for ourselves, and this is not always easy. But if at your young age you are already aware of what it means to grow up, then you are ready for it. We will understand how to become an adult teenager and change the attitude of others around you.

First, tell yourself these simple words: "I am now an adult." Believe in them.Then others will perceive you in the same way. It is important to work on yourself, as regards all areas of life. Most importantly, you need to develop responsibility, self-discipline and autonomy.

  1. A responsibility. Take an order - perform it exactly on time or even earlier, and monitor the quality of performance. Be responsible for your words, actions and decisions. Think before you promise something, otherwise the environment will consider you a windbag, and this is definitely not an adult person.
  2. Self discipline. This is necessary if you want to be responsible and independent. How can you fulfill the intended and promised, if you do not know how to control yourself, manage your laziness? Right, no way. Adhere to at least an approximate daily routine, limit the periods of "doing nothing". Train yourself to a new good habit, which you will constantly adhere to.
  3. Independence. Less often ask for help from their parents, try to "resolve" possible difficulties on their own. Take over the housework, find a part-time job in your free time to have your own pocket money.This will earn you the respect and approval of your parents.

Having developed these qualities, you will become much more mature. But this is not enough. Apply skills in learning, communication. Learn to build more adult relationships with people.

With adults talk in an adult. However, this also applies to conversations with peers. Do not raise your voice, do not shout, be as correct as possible. Politeness is the key to adult communication. Do not whine - few people take seriously the whiners, they try to avoid communication with them. Listen to constructive criticism calmly, without aggressive reactions. Be able to admit mistakes, apologize.

Finally, set goals. Adults can do it. How do you see your future? People who think about it, do not postpone the important “for later”, quickly grow up.

An adult who once forgot to grow up

Many people at 25, 30, 50 still cannot call themselves adults, despite their biological age. Why all? It is difficult for adults to be - they say. It is much easier when responsibility for their lives lies with someone else. Such people are often dependent on family or friends, do not live independently, do not have clearly defined goals.

Infantilism may be convenient. Adults sometimes have a hard time - this is true. But it is precisely the difficulties that make a person stronger. There are wise words that only under the gusty wind the oak becomes stronger and more resilient, and with a man. Do not be afraid of difficulties, they only harden and make life more interesting.

If you are already accustomed to the infantile way of thinking and living, what should you do? Learn from scratch. The main thing is to take a firm decision to grow up and gradually learn responsibility, independence, proper communication, setting goals and organization. Everything will work out for you - just start working on your life.

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