How to become a notary?

Evgeny Lukashenko
Evgeny Lukashenko
May 30, 2012
How to become a notary?

In general, a notary is one of the most respected and promising professions in all jurisprudence, and it also allows you to receive an impressive and stable income. In itself, the profession of "notary" in universities does not exist, as well as the special direction of training students.

How to become a notary: education

Law students, as a rule, in the third year of study, it is necessary to choose the direction of the profession, such as a lawyer, a prosecutor, an investigator, a police officer, and what actually interests us is the notary.

Many students are mistaken in assuming that the notary profession allows for a cool attitude to certain subtleties of certain areas of jurisprudence. In fact, quite the opposite: the notary is obliged not only to know almost all possible areas of legal affairs, but also to understand their subtleties and nuances. If you want to become a notary in Moscow, for example, you can allow yourself to sort out in depth a certain topic at the expense of another.If you work as a notary in Russia in the provinces, then you must be a broad spectrum specialist, an “omnivorous” specialist, otherwise you will not succeed.

Prospects for the notary

In fact, all notaries today are private, only a small part of state-owned enterprises have notaries in their staff, and even then in remote parts of the country. A private notary, as a private entrepreneur, pays taxes, duties, salaries to his employees and rent for the premises. As for income, if you settled in a large city, for example, as notaries in Moscow, you can afford to overestimate the tariffs for your services. The queues at the notary offices have always been not the shortest, and the income you provided.

Necessary conditions, how to become a notary

The primary task of any notary is to prevent civil disputes, if they arise, try not to bring the matter to court proceedings.

A person who wants to become a notary should have a good reputation, crystal honesty, high working ability, adaptability and high learning.The ability to understand people will help greatly in this matter.

How to become a notary in Russia:

  1. You must be a citizen of Russia, this is a mandatory restriction.
  2. Have a higher wide legal education.
  3. You must pass an annual internship with a practicing notary.
  4. To pass a qualifying exam in a special commission at the appropriate university.
  5. Get the most important document - notary license.
  6. Complete the competition for the post of a notary in a notarial district. Yes, the number of notaries in a certain territory is strictly limited!

So, you learned how to become a notary. Dare!

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