How to assemble a motor?

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How to assemble a motor?

Assembling a car engine is one of the most crucial steps in engine repair. Defects and errors that were not noticed during the assembly process may in many respects affect the repaired part. The master mechanic knows how to assemble the engine correctly. However, the driver himself will be able to assemble the engine himself. To do this, first of all, you need to rely on the recommendations of the manufacturer, which are listed in the engine repair manual or in the manuals of the manufacturers of spare parts.

Let's talk more about how to collect the motor itself.

Car engine assembly algorithm

Valve seats

Repair, installation and assembly of engine parts always begins with the preparatory stage, at which close attention should be paid to the valve seats. This is the most important part of the motor head. For optimum operation of the engine, it is necessary to control the reliable coupling of the valve with the seat. Any connection errors lead to a violation of the thermal conditions of the plate and seat, as well as to the appearance of mechanical defects, which ultimately lead to engine parts to breakdown or complete destruction.

Clean the surfaces of the chambers and seats and see if there are cracks hidden under the coating layer. If cracks are found, repairs should be carried out by welding. Replacing a new saddle with an old one is carried out in case of a large amount of wear or the detection of traces of metal corrosion. To do this, use a special machine for repair. To facilitate the installation of the seat, warm the head to 200 degrees Celsius, and cool the saddle in liquid nitrogen.

Turbine installation

After the preparatory stage, proceed to the step-by-step connection of the iron parts of the engine. First of all, you need a turbine - a rotary engine with a continuous process of movement. When choosing a turbine, the owner must take into account the following points:

  • too small will have power limitations;
  • a large one, on the contrary, will produce high power, but at the same time accelerate for a long time.

Connection to an internal combustion engine

The turbine is attached to the exhaust manifold - part of an internal combustion engine that collects exhaust gases into a single pipe. To install the collector, it is necessary to change the passage to the receiving tank installed from the front of the engine.

Oil supply

Oil supply to the turbine combines the engine and turbine lubrication system.On the engine of VAZ, for example, the oil supply is easiest to install from the tee from the oil pressure sensor. Install the oil drain pipes, which are responsible for providing the oil to the turbine and the engine as a whole, then run the cooling turbine inlet.

Nozzles and pistons

Install nozzles for spraying automotive fuel and pistons that you need to buy in the store as a finished product.

Other connections

  1. Connect the fuel pump that provides fuel to the engine and install a fuel filter so that the fuel pump does not wear out quickly.
  2. Replace the sensors DBP and DTV.
  3. Connect an intercooler or intercooler - it cools the air to enter the engine
  4. Install piping or a system of "tubes", which, in turn, connect the turbine with the intercooler.
  5. Install the excess air discharge valve that is generated during the recycling process. If such a part is not installed, then in the future excess air can cause a breakdown of the turbine, pipe or intercooler.

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