How is the lizun made?

Yana Ryabtseva
Yana Ryabtseva
July 22, 2014
How is the lizun made?

Lizun is a unique toy that at one moment can spread over the surface like a liquid, and in the other it can jump like a ball and acquire the most incredible shapes without changing its structure. Today you can find a lot of options for creating this unusual toy at home.

What and how is the lizun made?

For the first time lizun (slime) was released by Mattel, which became famous thanks to the world famous Barbie dolls in 1976. The toy differed unusual jelly consistency. The substance from which the lizun is made refers to non-Newtonian fluids, which are characterized by the manifestation of various properties depending on the effect applied to them. Therefore, in a relaxed state, the lizun begins to spread like a liquid.

The original snim, produced by Mattel, consisted of guar gum, which is extracted from the Indian plant guar. Today, this substance is also often used in the production of leads. This substance is also used in the food industry and is an integral component of some thickeners and stabilizers.However, these days, along with guar gum, other alkaloids can be used in the factory production of lizunov.

How do lizuna at home?

Sodium tetraborate

The main ingredient in the creation of lizun usually stands sodium tetraborate. This ingredient is perhaps the most exotic of all the components that are used in the manufacture of elastic substance. Sodium tetraborate can be found in the pharmacy or in the chemical store. You will also need PVA glue, and to give a toy a cheerful shade - food coloring or ordinary gouache.

After filling the glass with glue, it is necessary to add a food dye and slowly pour in a solution of sodium tetraborate per 100 g of glue, one vial of product. To get rid of excess moisture, the resulting mass should be blotted with a napkin. To be fully prepared, the gelatinous substance is recommended to knead in a packet for five minutes.


Some make lizuna from plasticine. This is the most economical method of making fun toys, involving the use of such budgetary ingredients as gelatin, clay and water.Pre-gelatin must be dissolved in cold water, wait about an hour, then bring it to a boil. Then, constantly stirring, it is necessary to melt small pieces of clay in a container with a small amount of water, brought to a boil over a small fire. Melted gelatin and plasticine are mixed, resulting in a viscous substance that resembles a shop lizun, but, unfortunately, does not possess all of its properties. Such an economical version of the toy will last about two days.

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