How to fly to Egypt? Tours to Egypt: flight time

Egypt is known for its warm climate and ancient history. When winter comes in other parts of the world, thousands of tourists flock to this country to enjoy the warm sunshine. The purest tender Red Sea, monuments of an ancient civilization and bright color of the country attract travelers from all over the much to fly to Egypt

Seasons in Egypt

Nevertheless, the weather in this country in the winter season, which lasts two or three months, is rather cool. The high tourist season in Egypt begins from the last week of October and ends in May, the largest number of tourists visit the country at this time. Accordingly, during this period the highest prices for tourist vouchers. To save on vacation, you need to plan it in advance and use travel companies such as early booking.

In the off-season (from May to October) in Egypt is very hot. At this time, many tourists come from other Arab countries, they visit it to see and admire the sights.If you do not fear the heat, coming to Egypt in the summer, you can not only save money when buying a tour, but also avoid a large crowd of people, which will allow you to relax. In addition to the main information on the tour, it is necessary to check with the tourism manager how many hours to fly to Egypt from a particular city.

Popular tourist destination

Going on vacation to this warm country, tourists are interested in how much to fly to Egypt from their city. To get an exact answer to the question is quite difficult. After all, the duration of the flight is influenced by such factors as the type of aircraft, airport of departure and destination airport, as well as weather conditions. In order to objectively evaluate and understand how much to fly to Egypt, by the time of the flight you need to add the time spent during check-in and customs clearance. Therefore, for successful completion of all stages of landing on an international flight, it is necessary to arrive at the airport at least two to three hours before the departure time indicated on the ticket.

how many fly to Egypt from Moscow

International airports in Egypt

Currently, in sunny Egypt, there are 9 airports that are ready to take international flights.The largest number of flights from Russia and other CIS countries are tourist, whose arrival points are Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada. A small part of the flights land in Cairo, but often it becomes only a transfer point for holidaymakers on their way to the most popular resorts, as well as Larnaca and Luxor. The small resort Egyptian cities of Marsa Alam and Alexandria are able to accept irregular charter many fly to Egypt from St. Petersburg

How to fly to Egypt from the Russian capital?

For residents of the capital who are planning a vacation, it is important how long to fly to Egypt from Moscow. Cairo takes regular flights from the Russian capital from the airline "Aeroflot", as well as Egyptair. Flight Moscow - Egypt (Cairo) will last about 4 and a half hours. A direct flight to Sharm el-Sheikh on a regular flight from the Russian capital also takes about 4 and a half hours. In the high season, there are several regular flights to popular resort destinations every day, but in winter, charter flights are in the greatest demand. Otherwise, have to fly with transfers in Cairo.

How to fly to Egypt from Moscow with transfers?

The journey will take longer if transplants are needed.So, the road will take almost 9 hours when flying from Moscow to Hurghada, subject to one transfer in the Egyptian capital Cairo. To get to small resort towns, such as Alexandria or Luxor, you also need one transfer to Cairo, which takes about 7 many hours to fly to Egypt

To Egypt from St. Petersburg

For those who live in the northern capital of Russia and decided to visit the warm Egyptian region for the first time, it is very important to know how much to fly to Egypt from St. Petersburg. It’s necessary to understand how long this flight will take and which flight to give preference to, it is necessary even before the start of the selection of plane tickets. It is impossible to answer exactly how much to fly to Egypt, since there are no regular flights from St. Petersburg to this sunny country. Charter flights for flights to such resort cities as Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, as well as to the Egyptian capital Cairo, are in great demand among tourists. Stay aboard the aircraft will be about five and a half hours.

Flight on a regular flight

If you want to go to Egypt on a regular flight will have to make a transfer, for example, in Moscow. How to fly to Egypt from St. Petersburg via Moscow? Only 7 hours will take such a flight. It will be just a half hour longer than a direct charter flight.It is worth remembering that such a scheduled flight from Aeroflot is quite expensive. Therefore, to save money, you can consider cheaper options with a transfer in Istanbul or Athens.

Flight to Egypt from other Russian cities

Direct charter and regular flights to Egypt exist from different cities of Russia and CIS countries. Travelers from other Russian cities can go to this amazing country from the nearest airport. Thus, the journey from Mineralnye Vody on a charter flight to Egypt takes only 3 hours, from Saratov - 4 hours, from Samara - 4 and a half hours, and from Novosibirsk - about 7 hours.Flight Moscow-Egypt

Great country of the pyramids

The citizens of Russia rest in Egypt is very popular at any time of the year: in high season and in the offseason. Each tourist has his own goal: ancient pyramids beckon to someone, diving in the beautiful Red Sea with colorful fish is interesting to someone, and someone just wants to quietly sunbathe on the beach. When choosing a flight is still worth choosing direct flights, in the absence of regular it is worth considering charter. A direct flight saves time anyway, this is especially important when traveling with small children, as it is difficult for a kid to endure long waiting times at transit airports.If it so happens that when traveling with a small child you have to wait a long time, you should always use a special room for the mother and the child. At each airport there is one, in it you can find a convenient place for feeding, warming up baby food and other things.

Vacation close

Before departure to the airport, you need to check the time of departure in the ticket, take into account the necessary hours for check-in and customs control, check the availability of all necessary documents, travel vouchers and safely go to your desired vacation. Let the selected flights be without delay, the mild climate of Egypt pleases, and the sun gently warms. Fascinating and unforgettable travel, interesting fellow travelers on the next seats of the plane and the softest landings!

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