How effective is tea tree oil from fungus?

Jul 11, 2018

How effective is tea tree oil from fungus?Those who suffer from nail fungus, in their experience, know how much discomfort and discomfort this disease brings. Nails become dull, yellow and porous. They thicken, begin to separate and crumble, leaving ugly jaggies. Quite difficult to get rid of nail fungus or onychomycosis, since pathogens are showing remarkable resilience to the latest medicines and resist their action, even when responsible approach to treatment. A wonderful alternative can be tea tree oil from nail fungus, if applied at the initial stage of the disease. Essential oils have long established themselves as powerful antiseptics, besides most of them contain a whole complex of substances that prevent the reproduction of fungal microflora.

It should be understood that onychomycosis is not only an aesthetic, but also a serious medical problem. The main danger of the disease lies in the fact that toxic substances produced by fungi, poison the body and weaken its protective forces. Therefore, treatment should be started as early as possible, with the first dysfunctional symptoms. Tea tree oil is unique in its composition, it has a leading position among other ethers, and not only destroys the fungal infection, but also can be used as a prophylactic agent against infection. In this article I will describe the use of tea tree oil from nail fungus, its beneficial properties and benefits.

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Tea tree oil from fungus toenails: a description of, The composition

Tea tree oil from nail fungus on legs: description, compositionEssential oil of tea tree is extracted from the melaleuca plant alternate leaf, whose native land is Australia. Therapeutic ether is used in cosmetology for the care of skin and hair, in dermatology - for the treatment of skin diseases and nail fungus, caused by different forms of pathogen. Fungal microflora is particularly vulnerable to tea tree ether, as it contains a whole complex of antiseptic components. The unique composition of the natural product makes it a formidable weapon against pathogenic fungi and bacteria.

Tea tree oil is a thick, pale yellow, olive-tinged substance, characterized by a specific spicy odor. It has an extremely complex chemical composition, which includes more than 50 organic components, which practically do not occur in nature. The main active substances of the ether are:

Tea tree oil

  • terpenes;
  • terpineoles;
  • cineole;
  • are pinned;
  • Alliguexanoate;
  • is viridiflorin;
  • limonene;
  • sesquiterpins.

Such a composition provides powerful bactericidal properties of the ether and allows its use for the treatment of onychomycosis. The main therapeutic effect is provided by such components as terpinene-4-ol and cineole. In this case, the most optimal option for the treatment of nail fungus is oil, in which the concentration of terpinene-4-ol is 40%, and cineole - 5%.This is due to the fact that a high concentration of terpinene provides an antifungal effect, and cineol fights with inflammation. If the content of cineol in ether exceeds 15%, use this product with extreme caution, since it is possible to develop allergic reactions.

Useful properties of

Useful properties of tea tree oilUnique properties of tea tree aether are widely used in cosmetology and medicine. The antiseptic properties of oil are 8 times greater than that of carbolic acid, considered one of the best disinfectants. In addition, the natural product exhibits potent antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used with insect bites, for the removal of warts, papillomas, healing wounds and cuts.

Essential oil of tea tree from nail fungus was used due to certain therapeutic properties. In the treatment of onychomycosis, the ether exhibits the following action:

  • Antimicrobial and fungicidal( antifungal);
  • Antiseptic;
  • Bactericidal;
  • Immunostimulating.

Application of tea tree oil from nail fungusApplication of tea tree oil from nail fungus contributes to the destruction of pathogenic microflora, ensures rapid regeneration of the structure of the nail plate and the growth of healthy nails.The unique composition of the ether copes with dermatophytes and yeast fungi, destroys various strains of staphylococcus, streptococcus, trichophytosis and fungi of the genus Candida.

The antifungal properties of the tea tree ester are confirmed by numerous clinical studies, on the basis of which it was incorporated into many antimycotic agents( ointments, creams and gels from fungus).

In addition to the treatment of onychomycosis, the essential oil of tea tree is used as a preventive agent to prevent fungal infections of the skin, hair and the development of inflammatory processes in the tissues. The use of therapeutic ether supports the body's defenses, effectively protects against virus attacks during the period of colds, promotes rapid regeneration, restoration and moistening of the skin.

Tea tree oil in the treatment of the nail plateThis product is highly concentrated, therefore it is impossible to apply it in pure form to treat skin. Oil little by little( a few drops) is added to the composition of masks, compresses or wraps. But with the treatment of the nail plate, the remedy can also be used in its pure form, so its effectiveness will be much higher. Ethereal extract quickly stops the reproduction of pathogenic microflora, contributes to its destruction and prevents the attachment of secondary( bacterial) infections.

Tea tree oil is a potent remedy, so before using it is advisable to consult a dermatologist, who will help you choose the right dose of ether and determine possible contraindications.


Contra-indications Tea Tree OilTea tree oil is a natural product, but it contains rather aggressive ingredients that can cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore, the product can not be used in case of hypersensitivity and individual intolerance of the ingredients included in its composition.

Before the first use of the ether, be sure to test the skin for an allergic reaction. To do this, just apply 1 drop of the drug on the skin and wait a few minutes. If there is severe burning, redness and itching, it is better to refuse or use the essential oil from the use of essential oil, diluting in an oil base( for example, in olive oil).

Instructions for Use

Procedures using tea tree oilBefore you start procedures using tea tree oil, the nails should be prepared. To do this, it is recommended to make a hot foot bath with laundry soap and soda. Legs need to be roasted for 10-15 minutes, then thoroughly dried, and the softened stratum corneum from the affected plate is removed with a saw blade. This will facilitate the penetration of active substances into the depth of the nail bed and enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

From the fungus nails ethereal hood can be used in many ways:

  • in its pure form;
  • diluting with other components;
  • adding to the foot baths;
  • using as part of ointments, applications or lotions.

Use in the pure stateUse in its pure form.Treatment of nail fungus with concentrated essential oil should be carried out in the early stages of the disease. After preliminary preparation, a few drops( 1-2) of essential oil with a cotton swab are applied to the damaged area of ​​the nail and distributed over its surface. The oil must be absorbed into the nail plate to destroy fungal spores from the inside. You can drip the oil on a cotton pad and attach it to the nail for 10-15 minutes. In this case, you need to ensure that the concentrated ether does not get on the surrounding skin, as this can provoke its irritation or burn.

The procedure is recommended to be done twice a day( morning and evening).After the product has absorbed, you do not need to wash your nails. It should simply wear dry and clean socks, they should be cotton, not synthetic, this will prevent increased sweating and the formation of a moist environment, favorable for the reproduction of the fungus. The first positive changes will be noticeable after 3-4 weeks, as the new nail grows. The procedure is repeated until the affected nail is replaced by a healthy nail plate. All this time, you should thoroughly clean the damaged area with a file, trim the edges of the nail and observe the rules of personal hygiene.

In combination with an oil baseIn combination with the oil base.If the concentrated essential oil causes irritation, it can be diluted in an oil base. For example, to 1 tsp. Unrefined olive oil add 10 to 15 drops of tea tree ether and thyme. Such a compound must be carefully rubbed into the damaged nail. If the skin does not react with irritation, the oil mixture can be lubricated and those areas that are adjacent to the infected nail, this will prevent the spread of infection to surrounding tissue.

If the nail lesions are already pronounced, you can moisten the cotton band in the oily composition, attach it to the nail, close it with a gauze and fix it with a band-aid or bandage. The dressing is kept on the leg for 20 to 30 minutes. Instead of olive oil, you can use any other natural oil( vegetable, linseed, mustard, etc.).Such therapeutic compresses are recommended to be done for 4-8 weeks twice a day. It is best to combine the treatment with the use of drugs from the fungus.

Baths for the treatment of nails

The daily procedures using foot baths are the simplest and most pleasant. They can be done every evening, they will help to relax after a hard day's work, and at the same time will work to destroy the infection.

  1. Bath with honey and saltBath with honey and salt.For its preparation in a basin with hot water, salt( preferably sea salt) and natural honey are dissolved. For 1 liter of water, usually take 1 tbsp. L.Salt and 1 teaspoon. Soda and honey. After all the components are dissolved in hot water, add 20-25 drops of ethereal tea tree extract. In warm water they lower their legs and hold for 15-20 minutes. Such a bath can be done not only in medical, but also for preventive purposes, only in this case it is necessary to reduce the amount of essential oil to 10-15 drops.
  2. Bath with liquid soap.This option involves the addition of a foot bath liquid soap or shower gel, based on 1 liter of water - 2 tsp. Any of these detergents. After the bath is ready, 15 drops of tea tree ether are added to it. The duration of the procedure is 10 -15 minutes.
  3. Bath with hydrogen peroxideBath with hydrogen peroxide.This bath is used to treat nail fungus on the hands and feet. In a small container with hot water( 200 ml), dissolve 1 tsp. Peroxide of hydrogen, add juice of one lemon and 5 drops of tea tree oil. The fingers should be kept in the solution for 25 minutes. As you know, hydrogen peroxide and ethereal extract are strong antiseptics that destroy the pathogenic microflora, and the acidic medium that lemon juice provides supplements their destructive effect.
  4. The tray from the ingrown nail.Essential oil is often used to combat an ingrown nail that causes severe pain, as it traumatizes surrounding soft tissue. The growth of the nail plate is often promoted by a fungal infection. It causes deformation of the plate and a change in its shape. To get rid of the problem, it takes 15 minutes to hold your feet in a solution of 3 liters of hot water, 1 st. L.Salt and soda and 5 drops of tea tree oil. Then apply the honey-onion compress to the sick nail, fix it with a bandage and leave it for the night. Compress is made from one onion, which is thoroughly crushed and mixed with 1 tbsp. L.Liquid honey. In the morning, the bandage is removed, the growing edge of the nail is gently withdrawn and cut. After that, the skin is treated with a disinfectant solution( chlorhexidine or a weak solution of potassium permanganate).
Nail Ointment

Ointment for nailsEssential oil of tea tree can be added to the composition of the therapeutic ointment or cream, which the doctor prescribes for the treatment of the affected nails. For this, a small amount of the preparation before the procedure is squeezed out onto a clean plate, 1-2 drops of ether are added and then applied to the nails.

In the same way, you can add this healing component to the usual hypoallergenic foot cream.

Healing noski

Healing nosochkiAnother original way to use the ethereal extract of tea tree. This method should be used at the earliest stages of the disease or for the prevention of fungal infection.

For the procedure it is recommended to take clean cotton socks and drop a few drops of ether inside, trying to drop the drops on several different sites. Socks are put on clean feet and go to bed. In the morning, your feet are just rinsed with cool water and dried.

It is also advisable to pay attention to a new very effective drug from nail fungus - stop-loss oil.

Prevention measures

Measures to prevent fungusTo avoid getting onychomycosis or again not picking up the fungus after treatment, the following precautions and personal hygiene rules should be observed:

  • Never wear someone else's shoes, especially on the bare foot.
  • When visiting public places( pool, sauna, gym) always use only individual shoes and a towel.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, give up synthetic socks that do not allow the skin to breathe and promote excessive sweating of the feet.
  • Every day, change socks, stockings, be sure to wash your feet and carefully drain them( especially the gaps between the fingers).
  • Monitor your health, increase immunity, abandon bad habits, avoid stress.
  • If the first symptoms( burning, itching, discoloration of the nail) appear, immediately consult a specialist who will clarify the diagnosis and help you choose the best treatment option.

Fungus is much easier to cure at the initial stage. Simultaneous use of medicines and folk methods will help to quickly cope with the infection and achieve full recovery. Reviews of the tea tree oil from the fungus of nails confirm that this folk remedy really works and thanks to its unique properties and composition it copes effectively with fungal nail lesions.

Feedback on the application of

Review №1

Several months ago, I was treating a nail fungus in my arms. I noticed that they began to turn yellow, tarnished and an ugly longitudinal groove appeared on them. I'm not a supporter of medications, so I was treated with essential oil of tea tree. This is a very powerful tool, you should use it with caution, since all ethers are characterized by a high concentration of active components.

I know that this oil shows strong bactericidal and antiseptic properties. Therefore, I simply dripped a drop of oil for every nail and rubbed it into the nail plate, trying not to touch the surrounding skin. The treatment was beneficial, now the nails are still smooth, pink and healthy.

Galina, Stary Oskol

Review No.2

On the thumb of the right foot, the fungus appeared last year, the nail quickly collapsed, changed color and, in addition, began to grow into a finger. It got to the point that I could not wear the usual shoes, because treading on my leg was painful. To delete a nail plate surgically it would not be desirable, here and has decided to use the national prescription.

For this several days sleeping in socks. At first, I infiltrated them with vinegar, as the fungus does not tolerate an acidic environment, then he made foot baths. In the water added soda, salt and 5-10 drops of tea tree oil. Undressing the nail, scraped the affected areas with a saw and made an onion compress at night.

As a result, by morning the nail was softened, I again cleaned it with a file. After several days of such treatment, it was possible to pull out the edge of the ingrown nail and remove it. After that he continued to treat the remainder of the nail plate with an ethereal extract, this allowed to completely get rid of the fungus.

Artem, Yekaterinburg

Review No.3

I tried to lubricate my nails with tea tree oil, they say, it helps a lot from the fungus. But after a few procedures, the skin around the nail flushed and flushed, so I did not continue treatment.

I'd rather use pharmacy products( ointments, creams), it seems to me that they are safer. In particular, the doctor recommended a new effective remedy. Read reviews of the cream Tinedol.

Oksana, Penza

Review №4

Tea tree oil from nail fungus should be just used correctly. To avoid irritation, it can be diluted with ordinary vegetable oil and treated affected areas.

This will help get rid of the fungus without the use of medication, since the ethereal extract has powerful disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. And the natural product is much safer than any chemical.

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