How is bread baked?

Most people consume bread every day, but few of us think about the question of how bread is baked, which way it goes before getting to our table. It is about how bread is baked at bakeries, and we will tell in this article.

Before bread reaches the store shelves, it passes through the main stages of bread baking. At the same time, the process of cooking various types of bread is different, but the main phases of production can still be identified. Let us dwell in more detail on each of them.

Stage 1: preparation of raw materials

At this stage, the receipt of raw materials and its preparation for production. In breadmaking use the following groups of raw materials:

  • Main: flour, water, yeast, salt.
  • Auxiliary: sugar, eggs, fatty products (eg, butter), cereals, bran, and so on.

Preparation of raw materials for production consists in its dissolution, mixing, filtering and so on.

Stage 2: Cooking Dough

The dough is kneaded according to the established recipe. At various industries, the level of automation is different, but regardless of whether this process is automated or not,ingredients for the dough are mixed in specific proportions, and their weight is measured using various control techniques and dispensers (weights). After all, the taste of the final product will depend on how good the recipe is and how well it is observed. That is, this stage, as bread is baked, is very important and the taste of bread on our table depends on it.

Kneading dough can be sponge and straight. In the sponge method of cooking dough, its kneading occurs in two stages: the sponge is prepared first, and then the dough is prepared on the basis of the sponge. So in the production of rye bread, pre-kneading dough is ferment (sponge). The amount of time to prepare the brew varies depending on the type of brew and is a period of time from 1 to 4.5 hours.

With the straight-through method, the dough is kneaded at one time, and it will be crushed 2 times in the fermentation process.

Stage 3: cutting the dough

This stage of the process, as bread is baked, includes the following operations:

  • Dividing the dough into blanks of the required weight. To obtain the specified pieces are used dough machines.
  • Rounding of pieces occurs with the help of special machines.
  • Preliminary proofing is necessary in order that dough became more pliable for formation. This procedure takes place in the workshop.
  • Molding blanks. Depending on the type of product and equipment of the enterprise, this operation can be performed both manually and with the help of special conveyors.
  • The final proofing is carried out in special cabinets in which special conditions are maintained: temperature, humidity. The purpose of this operation is to bring the blanks to the desired size and properties optimal for baking.

Stage 4: Baking

At this stage, the bread is sent to the oven, besides, cuts or punctures are made on the products in order to avoid breaking the surface of the crust during baking. The temperature of cooking products is 220-240 °. Cooking time depends on the weight and baking form.

Stage 5: Final

This stage includes:

  • Cooling of finished products. This operation is carried out in a special compartment with special conditions, usually in this compartment also passes the storage of products until their subsequent transportation.
  • Cutting.Nowadays, bakery products are very popular in cutting, so often bread and loaves are cut using a special technique.
  • Packaging of finished products. After all the above-mentioned procedures, the bread is packed, at present most of the bread is packed in bags or cling film, and the date of manufacture is also stamped on the package. The shelf life of bakery products varies, but on average it is 3 days.

Stage 6: Storage and Transportation

After the products are packed, they expect shipment to stores where they are purchased by end users, that is, we are with you.

Now you know, the process of making bread, also on the Internet contains a video: how to bake bread, which clearly depicts the process of baking bread.

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