How are kittens born?

The most charming creatures, cute, fluffy, affectionate, playful, are all about kittens. Even if a person does not like animals in the house at all, he will like the image of kittens on postcards. But those who are the owner of the cat, who live with these wonderful creatures, know that behind the outer beauty lies the difficult process of careful pet care. And a special item in this to-do list is mating, pregnancy of the cat and the birth of babies. Cats of the usual "noble" breed often do without help in childbirth, but purebred moms need support. But just in case, the owners of all cats need to know how kittens are born, what problems may arise during childbirth, what to do in this or that case.

Pregnancy cat

A month after conception, the cat appears the first signs of pregnancy. She begins to play around a lot, purr loudly, licks more often, sleeps more, eats less. A week or two later, in the stomach you can already test future kittens. During pregnancy, the cat should be given more vitamins, try not to overfeed her, not to worry her.Stress for the cat may be a change of residence, that is, a new home. The worst thing for her is the change of owners. At 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, the cat begins to look for a place for a “nest”, where she will give birth to kittens and will feed them in the first days of their life.

A few days before delivery

You need to know that a cat's pregnancy lasts from 63 to 70 days. So the owner has time to imagine how kittens are born, to “get inspired by the feat” and cook everything that is needed for them. If you can, buy a big basket with low sides for cats and kittens, if you don’t have enough money for it, then find a box for this purpose. The inside of the box can be glued with a soft fluffy cloth. For the childbirth themselves, it is necessary to prepare towels from natural fabrics (cotton, linen), wash them thoroughly, iron them with a hot iron. Feel the cat's belly: do kittens move in it? So everything is going well, according to the plan of nature. A couple of days before giving birth, the kitty starts licking both itself and all the animals living nearby, like future kittens. There are cases when a cat gave love at that time to both other kittens, puppies, and babies left without mothers of other species.


Cats, like women, bear birth differently. Someone gives out eight kittens for half an hour, and someone suffers for 8 hours. One day before birth, some cats start to worry, others stop eating, and many begin to hide in order to give birth without external supervision. And this is the most unpleasant. After all, the most favorite place for women in labor is cabinets with clothes. If you don’t find a cat there at the time, then things will get dirty, and if necessary you can’t help you, because you simply won’t find out about the problem. Therefore, we must carefully monitor the cat before giving birth. If she suddenly disappeared, then it is quite possible that kittens were already born. What to do if you still caught the moment and the cat gives birth in its place?

The cat begins to struggle, that is, attempts. Her whole body begins to contract, to strain, the pupils dilate, the temperature of the nose rises. The first contractions are quite strong, so the first kitten appears without problems. If the cat feels bad, then call the veterinarian and get a kitten: clear his respiratory tract, wipe the mucus, cut the umbilical cord. And if the cat feels great, which happens most often, give her the kitten, let her lick it. This stimulates subsequent contractions and accelerates the birth of subsequent kittens.You can also help the cat by stroking her belly from the front paws to the rear.

Before the very moment of the appearance of a kitten into the light, the cat sits down. The fight begins, as a result, the kitten appears. And maybe a few kittens. But most often, as a result of one fight, one kitten is born. Weak kitties give birth lying down.

The contractions can be so weak that the kitten cannot get out of the birth canal. Veterinarians recommend dropping warm oil to the cat's vagina with a pipette, stroking the belly, as if pushing the kitten.


Whether to help a cat in the first toilet kittens depends on how many kittens are born. If several babies appeared at once in one fight, the cat will be able to do only one. And your task is to receive the rest. It is necessary to break the amniotic membrane, clean the mouth and nose of babies with sterile gauze. After that, they begin to squeak. The cat is very jealous of these screams, begins to fuss, trying to lick all the kittens at once. Most of the time she has it perfectly appears, so entrust all these procedures to the newly-minted mother.

But if the kitten is born dry, then it will be necessary to rub it with a towel first, if this does not help, put a breath stimulator in his mouth.

After the cat eats the placenta, it immediately comes with milk.Kittens feel it and find their mother's nipples perfectly, they start to eat. At birth, kittens weigh an average of 100-120 grams. Kittens with less weight rarely survive. If 3-4 kittens are born, then mommy copes with them perfectly. But if from 6 or more, then she will definitely have to help. The first meal of the kittens lasts about 20 minutes, their tummies are rounded, they stick their muzzles into the mother's belly and sleep peacefully until they get hungry.

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