Hotel GM Doc Let Beach Resort 4 * (Nha Trang, Vietnam): description and reviews

Nha Trang is not only the capital of Khanh Hoa Province, but also a beach holiday center in all of Vietnam. Every traveler should visit here at least once.

There are a lot of interesting sights: to Hon Che Island, Tyama Towers Po Nagar, Long Son Pagoda, Lotos Tower, Chi Nguyen Aquarium ... you can transfer for a long time. Simply put, no one will return from Nha Trang without impressions. And in order for the rest to be a success and not be spoiled by anything, you need to choose a good hotel with a decent level of service. That is exactly what GM Doc Let Beach Resort 4 * is.

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So, the hotel is a minute walk from Doclet beach. He is the best in these parts. Almost every person who finds himself in it has the feeling that he is on the beach from a television picture. Turquoise water, white crumbly sand, chaise lounges under palm trees, mountains seen in the distance ... This is a real relax. In addition, there are practically no waves here, and the entrance to the water is pleasant and convenient, because it is shallow.

What about transport infrastructure? The public transport stop (route taxi number 4) is about 30 minutes walk from the hotel. Landmark need to keep to the local market. Far away, but there is a plus - in the area where the hotel is located, is relatively quiet.

And finally, airports. Cam Ranh International Airport is 55 kilometers away. And Tuy Hoa Airport - 60.


In GM Doc Let Beach Resort 4 *, as in any other hotel of this level, there is everything that can provide an adequate level of comfort for travelers. There is free Wi-Fi, private parking (covered, guarded), 24-hour reception, currency exchange with the official exchange rate, tour desk, ticket office, as well as individual lockers and luggage storage.

There is also a laundry, mini market, car rental, a large modern conference room with several meeting rooms and even a business center. What can we say about the availability of services such as transfer or delivery of food in the room.

By the way, the staff here is fluent in not only Vietnamese, but also English. And there is also a Russian-speaking administrator, which is good news.

gm doc let beach resort spa


GM Doc Let Beach Resort 4 * is a resort hotel, and this concept alone says that you don’t have to be bored while on its territory. So, you can brighten up your pastime in different ways, because there is:

  • Large outdoor pool and sun terrace.
  • Barbecue in the garden.
  • Wellness center with massage rooms.
  • SPA salon.
  • Fitness club.
  • Sauna and bath.
  • Fishing on the beach.
  • Rafting on kayaks and motor boats.
  • Scuba diving.

People who came here say that there is also a massage parlor nearby, where they take 600-750 rubles per hour: it is very popular. It is also recommended to go to the mud mineral resort next door for $ 30. In general, organizing excursions here is excellent - transported, brought, well fed and show really interesting places.

About nutrition

On the territory of GM Doc Let Beach Resort & SPA there is a restaurant called Doc Let, which specializes in international cuisine. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as snacks and lunches are served daily for guests in this establishment.

Tourists vacationing here, note the excellent range. And the fact that you do not need to get up at six in the morning in order to have time to type on the plate what you want to try.No queues, crowds, noise and confusion - everything is grand and calm, and if the buffet is empty, then the waiters quickly fill it up.

And the choice is really quite good: for breakfast they serve milk porridges, soups, fried eggs and scrambled eggs, cereal and muesli with milk, sausage and cheese cuts, vegetables, several kinds of ripe fruit, muffins and cookies. In the afternoon and in the evening there is also plenty to choose from, especially on Tuesdays, since on this day a huge assortment of seafood is offered - mussels, fish (including red), oysters, shrimps.

gm doc let beach resort spa 4

Accommodation options

Rooms at GM Doc Let Beach Resort & Spa 4 * are spacious (30 sq. M.) And comfortable. They all have a balcony or terrace with a picturesque view of the garden, sea, mountains or pool.

Each room has a telephone for intercom, plasma with cable channels, climate system, safe, electric kettle, desk, seating area, wardrobe. There is also a bathroom with free toiletries, a toilet and a shower. Such trifles as towels, slippers and linen, are provided without fail.

Now about the price. It depends on what kind of view from the window interests the guests.And what tariffs are set for the week of stay, taking into account 10% VAT, service charge (5%) and breakfast:

  • Garden - 48 000 r.
  • Pool - 56 000 p.
  • Mountains - 63 000 p.
  • Sea - 75 000 p.

By the way, in terms of beds, guests are given a choice. They may be asked to populate them in apartments with either twin beds or one large, king-size. It is worth noting that the rooms are designed for two adults and one child.

 gm doc let beach resort 4 vietnam

Reservations and Accommodation Rules

So, the registration of new guests at the GM Doc Let Beach Resort starts at 14:00. Check out lasts until noon, as in many other hotels. It is necessary to take this into account when choosing flights there / back.

The hotel is allowed to stay with children. Moreover, for a child under 5 years old stay free of charge, but only if he does not occupy an extra bed. Need another bed? Then you need to be ready to pay extra - $ 15 per day.

By the way, it is better to send a request for an extra bed to the hotel in advance so that the administration can prepare everything.

Also, when making a remote booking you will need to enter credit card details. The property accepts "American Express", "Visa",“Master Card”, JCB, “Maestro”, “Discover” and “Union Pay”. On arrival, the used card is presented along with the passport. Therefore, you need to use only your own - full name. on them must match.

gm doc let beach resort 4 reviews

Impressions of the guests

It would not be superfluous to pay attention to reviews of GM Doc Let Beach Resort 4 *. They can find a lot of useful. In particular, learn about the real impression that the hotel makes to those who make a choice in its favor.

Initially, if you believe the reviews of 2016, it was a very quiet hotel complex, in which there was no vanity at all. But the recent comments left by people who were here a couple of months ago, say that it has become similar to resort and entertainment hotels in Turkey or Egypt. There are a lot of people, added noise.

But the area is still well-groomed and beautiful - with a park area where there are many ponds, and coconut palms, mango trees, jackfruit and other exotic species grow. In this setting it is nice to relax. And for this, everything is there: a lot of benches, swings, places for gathering. In the park area, even Wi-Fi works fine.

Another happy staff. The hotel staff is friendly, no one snaps even in the most difficult high season for them - always listen attentively to even the longest requests and go to the rescue.Such an attitude to the guests is one of the main advantages of GM Doc Let Beach Resort & Spa located in Vietnam.

About rest

As you can see, guests who stayed at GM Doc Let Beach Resort 4 * (Vietnam) are happy to share their impressions of their holidays.

It would seem, why swim in the pool, when in less than a minute you can walk to the beach? And then, that he is great here - large and multi-level. By the way, about him issue beach towels.

And the beach itself (which, by the way, is guarded) is really beautiful. Sun loungers are always enough, even at the height of the bathing season. There are also gazebos for those who are afraid of the sun. There is always a shadow, so it will not work to burn.

The sea is clean and calm, the waves are rare, and even then they are small. You can not be afraid of what will cause algae - the beach is constantly kept clean by staff, and this is good news.

In general, a heavenly place. True, there are people who do not like the beach. These are those who do not like very warm water, as well as lovers of depth. Judging objectively, it’s a bit small here - in order to feel serious depth, you need to go very far.

Nha Trang gm doc let beach resort spa

The main advantages of the hotel

They should pay special attention, studying reviews of GM Doc Let Beach Resort & Spa 4 *.So, the guests love to focus on the following advantages:

  • Apartments. Cozy and clean, everything inside is in good condition. The rooms are spacious, with large beds and nice furniture, and on TV, even one Russian-language channel is broadcast.
  • Cleaning. Daily and, not least, quality. Everything is cleaned clean. Every day change towels. Underwear - once every three days. Also, maids daily bring water at the rate of 0.5 liters per guest.
  • Sunrises. Everyone probably loves them. Opposite the beach of the hotel you can see the island in the form of a sleeping Buddha. And if you come to the sea early in the morning, you will get an amazing sight - the sun will rise and rise as if from his face. Incredibly beautiful and surely will be remembered for a lifetime.
  • Price. Nuance important. Guests say that the price here is fully consistent with the quality. In addition, if you make an early booking, by planning your trip in advance, you can get a good discount.

It is worth to mention that the hotel is relatively new - it has been receiving guests since 2014. So what is more, the freshness of architecture pleases the eye of the aesthetes.


A couple of tips from tourists who visited here are also worth noting. So, here are the most useful ones:

  • Want absolute peace and tranquility? Better to book an apartment away from the restaurant (Sea View).
  • 2-3 times a week, free buses to the center of Nha Trang depart from the hotel. But there you need to book in advance at the reception (wanting a lot).
  • Before leaving, you should put insect bites in your bag. Many tourists complain that they "ate" during the holidays. Something similar to mosquito bites, but more inflamed. But this is the geographical and climatic specificity of Vietnam.
  • Swimwear is better to take a few. And things - too. They dry very long due to high humidity.
  • Sunscreen also worth stocking up. There are notorious gazebos on the beach, but during walks you need to protect your skin with something.

hotel gm doc let beach resort

When is it better to go?

About this - finally. When planning to go to Nha Trang, at GM Doc Let Beach Resort & Spa, it is important to choose the right time for your vacation. Since the climate here is ambiguous.

Wet winter here lasts from September to December. All the rest of the time is a dry summer. In the period from September to December, about 80% of annual precipitation falls in Nha Trang.

It happens that the storm season begins in July or August. Therefore, in order to be completely safe, it is better to go here in June, if you have a summer vacation. Because July-August showers are accompanied by winds and storms.And everything is accompanied by very high humidity (77%).

As for the temperature, then everything is more or less stable. Throughout the year, it is kept in the range from 24 to 29 degrees. Due to the fact that the temperature practically does not change, and the sea does not cool. Water has the same indicators.

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